What to expect from a marketing internship in agency land

We have four (4) gun marketing interns in our Sydney office, and given that they seemed to love chatting to each other and working together, we gave them a task to write a blog. We didn't expect quite this though...

Our expectations as marketing interns

Walking in the front door of Marketing Eye, I didn’t know what to expect.

I had spoken to several friends, and started to formulate my expectations. I had seen such cinema flops as “The Internship” (don’t watch it, it’s terrible). The 4th floor in the heart of Woolloomooloo, I anticipated walking out to the Marketing version of the Wolf of Wall Street. I’m talking rows and rows of desks, each employee talking louder than the last. I thought I would be immediately overwhelmed by the velocity of working at Marketing Eye. At such an establishment as this acclaimed marketing firm, I expected to be merely a cog in the machine, doing the ‘Grunt Work’ such as filing, organising pencils and being yelled out for my stupidity. My expectations were very positively subverted. 

The reality of a marketing internship 

I knew all my fears would be put to rest as soon as I walked through the front door and saw Mellissah Smith (Founder of Marketing Eye) not wearing any shoes (she broke her toe I later found out) and Pip the dog lounging on the office floor.

The calm, relaxed attitude of Marketing Eye blew me away. The small, intimate nature of the marketing firm has encouraged me to come out of my shell and contributed immediately to marketing discussions.

After Mellissah Smith and the rest of the team made me feel at home, I sunk my teeth into the work I was here for. Interns are encouraged to participate in meaningful ways, implementing practical marketing skills rather than basic organisational skills as often perceived in internships. Marketing strategies and researching real world examples for Marketing Eye’s clients was an excellent experience. Following an enjoyable session of work, the team made Vietnamese food together for lunch. This made me feel as if I was a part of something more meaningful than the average workplace. This bond formed with the rest of the team was the icing on the cake for my first day at Marketing Eye. I’m incredibly excited for the rest of my stay here as an intern and the lifelong lessons I will gather from it. 

Written by:  Thomas Durston, Thomas McLuckie, Minh Ngoc Nguyen and Megan Eaton

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comments ( 7 )
  • Anneliese
    30 Jul 2018

    I have a similar experience in work experience I have done before also! I found the company to be very approachable and not stiff and intimidating like I expected. Agencies seem are an awesome place to intern as you get to see work for various clients and industries

  • Ashish
    24 Jul 2018

    Totally agree with you guys. The people of Marketing Eye have made me feel like I am a part of the organization, and not just another intern. Each day is an upward learning graph, and the marketing managers, execs and Mellissah make sure that you learn all that you can, and more. I am glad that Marketing Eye is a part of my marketing journey.

  • Ashlee
    20 Jul 2018

    I only wish I had been aware of Marketing Eye's internship program when I was at university. This sounds like a fantastic program for a fantastic company. I wish all interns the best of luck!

  • Maud Garcia
    Maud Garcia
    17 Jul 2018

    The marketing industry is highly competitive. The dynamic and open minded atmosphere of Marketing Eye is a favorable environment to start in the industry!

  • Thomas McLuckie
    Thomas McLuckie
    13 Jul 2018

    It has been such a great journey so far and the experience that I have gained already from Marketing Eye has been fantastic. Marketing Eye has set the benchmark high for the value that internship programs should give to its Interns.

  • megha patel
    megha patel
    11 Jul 2018

    It is such a delight to know how marketing firms handle the office environment in the most unconvenctional way. Marketing eye is one such example that shows how interns can be moulded on the first day of the program to build their confidences from initial.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen
    10 Jul 2018

    So excited to see what is going on in the next weeks of my internship program. Thank you for the best things we've made together!