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What millennials get that other's sometimes forget

What millennials get that other's sometimes forget

Has anyone else fell in love with the television show "Younger"?

A middle aged woman (aka similiar to my age), lies about her age to get a job in a top publishing house. She then pushes through by acting and dressing like a millennial, only to realise that it is a lot harder than it looks.

I run a marketing company in three countries and we mostly hire millennials. Over time, the oldies have gotten over the shock of having a millennial in the office, so different to the way we were brought up and with an alternative mindset. I remember when they first started spending all day on their phones, and not getting any work done - I was concerned for my business. Would we survive if our staff are more interested in texts coming in or pushes from social media announcing that they have a message?

It soon settled down and they found a happy medium that worked for both the company, their clients and themselves.

What we learned fast, is that millennials kill it in many ways:

  • No more court shoes and stockings. It's all bare legs, with spray tans with either flats or 6 inch heels. The latter they will probably regret when they get to my age.
  • Understanding and playing with social media makes you better at it. If you do digital marketing strategies and aren't on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and alike, you probably are missing the mark.
  • They understand response based marketing and engagement. They live and breathe it.
  • Insta-stories and Facebook stories are their own reality television show. They draw a crowd and use that same methodology to do it for clients.
  • They realise their power. Their knowledge of social media can make or break you.
  • They have these quirky sayings, which work well if you are "in the know" when targeting other millennials. Most of which I don't know nor have any clue how to use it in conversation. I would probably look as awkward as the character on Younger when trying to use them and have a complete #fail.
  • If they want to be successful, they learn and develop not just through what courses and training you give them, but by spending hours and hours on the internet, doing courses, learning what other people are doing and getting a grasp on how to be a better marketer.

I "get" millennials, and particularly if they have been brought up with good parents, they bring so much to the table. Together, we make a great team and now is the time to start re-thinking how we work together and create magic.

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comments ( 3 )
  • Claudia
    06 Aug 2018

    Millennials are not what the stereotype says about them. they are more than that and I think it is good that we can learn and work with them

  • Rachel
    20 Jul 2018

    As a 90’s person, I used to be afraid to speak and work with 00’s as I always don’t understand their act and the what short form language means: like #ootd #tgif etc. I have to learn to understand the way they speak, the way they think, and I found out that I can also work well with them and create magic together as long as we can get how each other think.

  • Cherry
    20 Jul 2018

    Many people said “millennials” are not good enough as they do not have enough work experience. However, I do think that recruiting millennials are amazing because they might bring up some new ideas that we cannot think of.