What makes for a great marketer?

What makes for a great marketer?

Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne each week in between taking the trek from Australia to the US on a regular basis, I get to spend a lot of time thinking. Mostly I think about business, which may be boring for most, but what the heck...it's who I am and I won't apologise.

Lately I have been thinking about our expansion plans. We have invested in a new building that will incorporate an expensive fitout. It will require the company to scale up further and gives us the space needed through a building extension to house a lot more people. 

Expressing our brand from a creative perspective is exciting. Designing a kick ass office environment where everyone loves to come to, is going to be especially exciting as I have always fancied myself as a designer although you wouldn't think it given my conservative, modern minimalistic furnishings. 

Having a new office will help take our brand to the next level and give us a headquarters that we can truly invest in. To fill the new digs, we need a whole heap of new people from marketing, creative, management and human resources areas. This will give us a new management structure and take us away from the flat organisational structure we have been proud to trial over the past few years.

What we have found with having a flat organisational structure is self-starters and people who learn to work at the pace that suits their lives. What we need to get to the next level is something a little different and more direction past a business plan or a marketing strategy. We've never worried much about people meeting KPI's. We tend to be more lenient with people and understanding of their lives. But the truth is in the pudding and it's time to shake it up again, reinvent our business and basically take a giant leap into a few sphere.

I'm excited and a little scared. It's a huge investment and there is always the issue of something going wrong. Our team is incredibly supportive and kind, so it makes for greater collaboration on a lot of fronts.

We discussed today what we intend on doing with our marketing teams. With the addition of Robotic Marketer, we are now challenged with the fact that our skill base needs to be adaptive. 

Skills that are needed are:

  • Inquisitive natured marketers that want to learn as much as possible to be the best marketers in the industry. Learning from others and listening is really important to being a good marketer.
  • Challenging clients and colleagues is a must. If we don't challenge our thought processes, how will be reach the best possible marketing solution for our clients?
  • Sceptical about the obvious, ensuring that just because something is easy or in front of you, doesn't mean that it will work. 
  • Creative in thought process and by design is important to the overall marketing mix. If everyone is doing one thing, make sure you do the complete opposite.
  • Being a good writer is imperative to being a great marketer. If you can't write, you can't market. Period.
  • Passionate about all things marketing is important too.

We hope to hire a lot of people, but we will take it slow. It's time to get people in and get to know them first before both parties take the big leap. We're open to having new people on our team, and our staff are very welcoming which makes it easy for people to transition as part of the bigger Marketing Eye group and reach whatever goals they have in front of them.

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  • Natsumi Otera
    Natsumi Otera
    29 Oct 2018

    I think passionate is the most important skill because we cannot work well without passionate, and cannot offer good strategies for our clients.

  • Mac
    08 Oct 2018

    Congratulation on your new premises! Set the wheels in motion. More job opportunities for potential candidates as well.

  • Eleonore
    04 Oct 2018

    It's really impressive to see how fast Marketing Eye is growing and improving their business. It takes a lot of courage to make another step and buy a new house. Its is a very risky to make such a big investment. But thats when it gets to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Only the very talented marketer know when to make such a risky move in the right time . And Mellissah Smith is definitely a very talented marketer who knows when is the perfect time to risks and invests in their business.
    I am exited to see what the future will bring to Marketing Eye!

  • James
    04 Oct 2018

    There’s nothing like travel to inspire some introspective thought. This was really well written and very concise however I think you missed a few key characteristics of what makes a good marketer; in particularly adaptability. The marketing industry is almost kind of fluid and can change at a moment’s notice; being able to quickly adapt and take advantage of the new circumstances and situation is absolutely vital. It’s kind of like a chess game; you need the foresight to predict how your opponent will move (or in this case, how the industry will change) and adapt accordingly to successful get a checkmate.

  • Nick Giordano
    Nick Giordano
    02 Oct 2018

    A lot of what makes a good marketer focuses on thinking outside the box and changing with future trends. It is interesting how you incorporated this concept into taking a leap forward with buying a new office. Sometimes taking risks is necessary and if you are not willing to do so, how can you ever expect to make advancements in life. This idea works both with something like investing in a new office and with being a great marketer. Change is progress.

  • Annika
    02 Oct 2018

    This blog is a great update on how Marketing Eye is doing! Not only does the reader get to peer inside your world, but also any business is able to learn from this transition that Marketing Eye is going through. There are exciting times ahead as the company moves into a new space and restructures its ways. The blog effectively draws the reader in, making them want to be apart of this journey. The final message lays out what makes a great marketer-- some of them clear characteristics that are important and other that may surprise you! This blog will really get people thinking if those characteristics listed suit them...and if so...maybe they will try and join the new team as Marketing Eye turns over a new leaf.