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What if the world was watching?

What if the world was watching?

A late afternoon flight back from Sydney saw me do something I never do - and that is watch a movie from Sydney to Melbourne. The movie in question was The Circle. Emma Watson, once again excels in her role with a social media company as an intern come celebrity leader, showcasing the fickle, yet real world of social media fame.

Watching the movie where people were able to watch another persons every living moment, made me think "what if?". Personally, I would rather die, but professionally, what does that transparency really mean? Would it be advantageous to both employees, future recruits, clients and stakeholders if they could in fact see every person every move and conversation, on whim? Would it be intriguing or would it fade fast into the background? Is there room to show the "real version" of events rather than fabricated Kardashian style script?

If you look at YouTube sensations who have millions of viewers, there certainly is a thirst for "watching", and perhaps there is room to do that in agency land particularly with a robot to launch in the new year. It certainly holds food for thought and would make for interesting viewing - with a cast of Millennials and Gen-X's all interacting and teaching each other new things each day.

I'm on the fence and it isn't totally off the charts at this point. While I have no desire to be viewed by others, my team are open book, funny, intelligent, creative beings that often say things that are totally politically incorrect, but kind of cool in other ways. We laugh hard every day, cook lunch together and often go out for a vino after work. 

Let's see. Maybe a fleeting idea or something worth considering.

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  • April Spadina
    April Spadina
    16 Nov 2017

    Ugh! No way. Too much "Trueman Show" for me.
    But I do think people would be more well behaved if the cameras were on them. Bosses would treat their staff better and staff would be more productive perhaps? Still, I'm not a fan of the idea.