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Reinvent your next career move or become obsolete

Reinvent your next career move or become obsolete

If you have found yourself on a steep learning curve over the past few years, don't become complacent, because doing just that will make you irrelevant, and I know this first hand.

There have been times in my career whereby I have not always been the first to embrace something new, and 100 percent of the time it has been to my determent.

Marketing is all about disruption and it won't stop just because we sit back as marketers and become exhausted by how much we have to learn. Instead, we have to use knowledge as our foundation to building marketing strategies that actually work.

Most importantly, we have to be innovators and creative in our thinking. That means using the knowledge we have today and thinking about what the future is going to look like tomorrow.

Amazon's big launch into the Australian market place has supermarkets and retail chains terrified of what the impact may be. If their Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Managers haven't had a strategy for the past 5 years on what to do to ensure they don't lose customers to Amazon, then they are quite simply the wrong people for the job.

You don't have to be Albert Einstein to realise that more players like Amazon will see Australia as a place in which to do business. We are ripe for disruption and to become number one in our market, is a hell of a lot easier than to be number one in America.

Re-inventing how you market your business is critical to cementing leadership positions of the future. Knowing your customers and what 'new shiny toy' they will be looking at next, is part of the parcel.

If you are a marketer, an entrepreneur or a team leader - re-think your marketing strategy. Put yourself and your team in the future and work backwards from there. Don't let disruption make your company irrelevant.

Marketing strategies are so out-dated and few show that they have looked at the future in enough depth. If you are one of these companies, let's chat.

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