Ending 2017 on a high

It came and went like a fast paced, road runner – and now we are left with a mere 9 weeks until the end of what has been a phenomenal year by many accounts.

At Marketing Eye, our client base has increased by more than 30 percent giving our company greater exposure to more industry sectors and new product categories. We have commenced development of the first Robotic Marketer in the world, and are nearing the end of phase one of eskrape, our human resources management platform.

Next week we launch the Marketing Eye App and along with that comes a new magazine. Things are really flying, but like many companies we know that if we take the next 9 weeks seriously, our business will double in size in 2018.

The things we are doing different, are what makes us stand out in the crowd. Our investment in our people, training them to be exceptional marketers, who understand all facets of the marketing mix and who can give value to any company they work with is paying dividends.

Now, it’s time to accelerate the business in Australia and US. Here are a few things we invite you to be part of:
  • New clients that sign before Christmas 2017 will receive $2,500 worth of free marketing services in the first 6 months of signing.
  • Marketing Eye’s App will be implemented as your platform for everything marketing.
  • 50% off an approved advertisement in Marketing Eye’s Magazine.
This offer ends on 22nd December 2017.

Take advantage of this offer and join the Marketing Eye team. Our experienced marketers, web developers, branding experts and communications professionals will take your business from where it is today, to where you want to see it tomorrow.

For more information, please contact our Australian office on 1300 300 080!

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  • Paul Conley
    Paul Conley
    18 Nov 2017

    Hi Guys I am FitandAliveat105. I am a avid blogger . Instagram . I am a non profit blogger who blogs positivity ecetyday . I can't afford your fees .
    My story is about breathing. Can you advertise me the costs to set up on your marketing eye and next ti nithing codtd or advise a partnership arrangement. Everything in the past I have had to appease my work at no cists . I have my idea of living ti be FitandAliveat105. Cheers Paul Conley Gold Coast Australia cheers