What I struggle with most interviewing new hires

What I struggle with most interviewing new hires

We are in a hiring phase with our company Marketing Eye and right now I am in Sydney hiring a number of new marketing staff. We are looking for people who can take the business to the next level and are able to fast and efficiently learn how we do business, why we do business and the many things that make up a great marketing resource.

During the hiring phase, our internal human resource source identifies people that fit the profile of a marketing consultant. They take into account many factors such as how long they have stayed in roles, what skills they have and whether their personality comes across in the CV we received. 

Inherently, CV's are standard boiler plates. From one to another, there is little to differentiate other than base qualifications and what skills that individuals have due to experiences they have had in previous roles.

But there are a few things that I struggle with when hiring someone new in marketing:

  • Lack of ability to get across who they are in a CV. Basically, they all send this cookie cutter CV through, yet they are in marketing and their job requires them to "sell" the product or service they represent. In sending a CV, they are in fact selling themselves. Very few CV's "sell" the candidate which makes it very hard for a marketing company to differentiate one from another. 
  • References are colleagues that people have worked with, not for. Whatever happened to having the CEO or CMO as a reference. Most people in the posiiton of hiring are able to read between the lines, and therefore if you reference is focusing on negatives, then that shows their level of professionalism. So it is the little things that they communicate that really helps determine whether or not someone would fit into an organisation. Even if someone has left on bad terms, I would never say something bad about them to a perspective employer. Perhaps they won't be that person in the right role for them, or maybe they have matured. However, factual things like working out the resignation period, is just facts and shapes more of who they would be both as an employee of your company and the one in which they are wanting to go.
  • Self-reflection is important in life, but particularly important in marketing. A base understanding of psychology is how marketers understand what their target audience wants and why they buy, along with data science of course. If you don't have self-reflection it is hard to be in marketing and be a powerful and integral part of a team.

If you really want a job, then you need to put your best foot forward. It is incredible how many people choose to not do so.

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comments ( 2 )
  • Pauline
    29 Jan 2019

    Very interesting ans helpful!

  • Ute
    07 Nov 2018

    This post includes very good tips and advices for writing a remarkable and persuasive CV . In every situation in life it's important to provide the ability to represent and sell yourself as good as possible, even more if you want to work in marketing.
    The next time I will apply for a job I will definitely take even more time and effort for my CV to make the best impression on my perspective boss.