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What has Prince got that you haven't?

What has Prince got that you haven't?

A post of Facebook by my best girlfriend of more than 20 years, about an upcoming Prince concert, had me tormented. Why? Because concerts for me are usually best heard on a DVD or somewhere I can have sound control. I sound like a 'Nanna' but load music usually gives me headaches and although I love music, I tend to love silence a little more.

But, it was my friend Tania's birthday and in the 80's Prince was big alongside Madonna, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. If she wanted to go, then it was a good gift to give her as she is so hard to buy for.

So I organised tickets through a good friend of mine who is a promoter and off we went. Our second row seats were so close to the action, I couldn't believe it. As he walked on stage, his physical presence was superceded by the superstar that he is. Prince may be small (tiny), but with his high heels and powerful voice, he is the tallest man in the room.

I knew every song and sang and danced to every tune. He was amazing. And surprisingly not too loud. The show was spectacular and more than I expected on every level.

Superstars like Prince have amazing presence and as small business owners we all can learn from this showmanship. If we exude confidence, then people around us will believe in us and want to listen to what we have to say. If we always stay true to our brand, like Prince has, then we will always meet expectations and often exceed them. If we deliver more rather than less, we will have all of our clients leaving feeling like they have value.

What can you learn from Prince?

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  • Sandra
    04 Jun 2012

    Big in the 80's era, I love that Prince still has the drive and dedication to give his fans nothing but the best. Being confident and true to your brand keeps fans/customers loyal and keeps you in business.

  • josh
    31 May 2012

    The fact that Prince can still sell out massive arenas in a matter of minutes is a testament to his timelessness and popularity even amongst the younger generation who have warmed to his music. He has stuck to his guns and still does what he does best, entertain. His confidence in his abilities has gotten him to where he is today.