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trust and marketing - now thats a good combo

Trusting your gut is the gateway to marketing success

Before the days of Instagram, iPhones and the internet, marketing was a one-way interaction. Marketing campaigns and advertisements sold us a story that we bought into. It was simple. If we bought the new L’Oreal conditioner, our hair would be perfect. If we took our children to McDonald’s, we’d all be joyful.
Brands with huge advertisement budgets gained traction and consumers didn’t ask questions because:

1) we didn’t want to… and
2) we didn’t have the means to do so.

We trusted in the big brands and it was as simple as that. Those days are long gone. In the technological age, informed customers no longer accept brands at face value. Trust is not a given. Companies need to prove themselves to their customers in order to get it. This is how.

Stick to your values.

Customers want to purchase brands that follow their values. Marketing strategies that align with a firm’s values are way more effective, as customers see meaningful value in these connections. Don’t just list your values on your website! Integrate and relate them back to everything you do. Following through with your values connects consumers with your brand in an emotionally profound way that builds ongoing trust. Delivering these values through an authentic brand experience is imperative to capturing customer value in the present and building ongoing trust for the future.

Be transparent.

Customers want to know what they are buying, what they are consuming, where ingredients or materials come from and how the firm responds to current issues like sustainability. Being upfront and honest allows customers to make brand decisions based on fact. A firm that acknowledges customers desire for information will generate trustworthiness. This doesn’t mean advertising time should be spent listing ingredients. That would be both unhelpful and dull. Instead, ensure all relevant information is available through digital channels, and don’t be sneaky. Truthful, accurate and relevant information in captivating formats builds rapport and customer trust.

Build an ongoing relationship.

The strongest brands are the ones that create an on-going relationship with their customers. Customers want to be heard. They want to feel personally valued. Listen to your customers. It’s that simple. Take advantage of social media to respond, relate and stay relevant to your customers. Put a Chatbot on your website to virtually interact with your customers on their questions and queries. Use analytics to understand beyond what your customers want and need. Understand what they care about and are passionate about. Take advantage of the technological age to build an ongoing relationship between you and your customers on multiple platforms, to reinforce that you ‘get them’. Personalizing these messages and responding to the desires of your customers will build long-term trust.

Regardless of your firm's offering, marketing should build and maintain the trust of your customer. Trust is not simply given. It is earned to firms who consistently focus on their customers in everything they do.

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  • Rinaldo
    17 May 2019

    Hey Mellissah, thank you for this simple but informative blog you've published! It really does outline the key aspects to effectively market an organisation in the modern landscape of today's consumers. Customer's are becoming smarter and desire more captivating marketing campaigns from companies that will really grab their attention, this potentially could be the result of developments in our technology.