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The writers, or bloggers block - how to overcome it

The writers, or bloggers block - how to overcome it

I love to write. It is a hobby and at times a job. I take it both seriously, and with a tongue in my cheek. I am not a qualified journalist, in that I never went to University to study Journalism, but I've been writing for 24 years and long before blogging, and self publishing became fashionable, I wrote for various editorials.

Sometimes, I can get a blog out in 15 to 20 minutes on a topic that I come up with just from the top of my head. Kind of like right now. Other times, I have to stay on message, and write about a topic that either readers are wanting to read about, or something that is pertinent to our audience for one reason or another.

Then of course, there are the few controversial blogs that have caused a bit of a stir - and they all were written to have that effect. You see, if no-one reads your blog, there is no point. If you are not constantly getting new readers, there is no point. If you think you write well, but no-one reads it, then there is no point. Clearly you don't know how to share it or perhaps you are slight dilusional. Something we all suffer from from time to time.

Today, I am in New York on business. I know that this blog has been neglected and to that end, it is purely my fault. With a mixture of jetlag, and constantly being on the go, I can use this as an excuse. Or I could tell you the truth. I have writers block. I am not so much running out of things to write, as I am finding that my world is clouded and therefore my ability to articulate the things I want to share, just doesn't seem to be coming out quite right.

Rather than complain, or use excuses, I decided that I would just get over it. Build a bridge, so they say.

My tips for getting over writers block:

  1. Go for a walk. Yes, walk until you literally cannot walk no more. Take in your environment, and think about life, work and anything else that comes to mind.
  2. Read, then read some more. Be inspired by other great writers.
  3. Try to write and press delete if you are not quite hitting the nail on the head. Then jump up and down three times, and do it again.
  4. Talk to people. Ask questions. 
  5. Show your vulnerability. Dig deep inside yourself. What are your fears? What makes you happy? Ask yourself the questions that you would want to know about you.
Writing a blog is an honour in so many ways. The fact that people actually read it is flattering because I am sure I have hit and misses more frequently than I would like to admit. But sharing is caring, and people appreciate that.

Get rid of your writers block right now and start typing away.

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  • Amal Jose
    Amal Jose
    13 Oct 2016

    Writing has been a passion for me as well. My blogging experience has been my hobby rather than my job. Having said that, the 'writer's block' is something I have faced non-the-less. Often for me, getting completely out of it and immersing myself in some other activity and then getting back to writing has done the trick. Also, and I could not agree more, the effectiveness of talking to people. Often as writers, in order to keep the piece of writing as solely our work, we refrain from talking about it to others. We commit thorough injustice to our work when we don't delve into different aspects that mostly come by interacting with people.