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The licensing contract that has 100% success rate in Australia

The licensing contract that has 100% success rate in Australia

Knowing when to jump from corporate and when not to is a scary prospect for most marketers. Many have reasonably safe and secure jobs unless of course you work for the agencies consolidating and they need to get rid of a few, or Fairfax, and they decide that they can get rid of a few in the marketing departement as well.

In any case, there are those of us who make a decision that we are ready to be entrepreneurs and to make our marks in the business world. The problem is that most of us have to start out with a business name, but other than that, we are not businesses - we are freelancers, hoping to be more.

Lisa O'Keeffe came to Marketing Eye, referred by an old client looking for a full-time position. As any good person who goes for a job interview, she checked out the website and found licensing, and was intrigued.

When we talked her through licensing, it made more sense. Lisa had already run a highly successful marketing agency in Perth, but had recently moved to Melbourne and didn't have the networks she once had. Owning her own business was a natural fit, but with running a family with three children she required flexibility to drop kids off at school and pick them up. She needed to know that there was support when required, and that at the same time she can build a business.

When she signed to be a licensee, paying $25,000 for the brand, training and systems/processes and infrastructure, we sat down. The goal was to achieve 10 clients over 12 months equating to $300,000 per annum or $25,000 in retained sales per month. When it hit the 6 month mark, she had already secured $20,000 per month from retainers and was looking for new goals. For a part time job, that is fairly incredible.

In fact, she even took on a staff member but still uses the Marketing Eye journalists, graphic design and web. 

It's been a phenomenal ride and each one of our licensees has a similar story to tell. Licensing has worked well with the Marketing Eye model and it gives marketers the security of bigger team and international brand, but ownership and the ability to be entrepreneurs driving their own goals in life.

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  • MD ASIF // Property Valuation Melbourne
    MD ASIF // Property Valuation Melbourne
    12 May 2016

    Mellissah Smith wrote an important article on marketing and business.Lots of knowledge for the upcoming marketers on this article,recommended.

  • Margery
    07 Apr 2016

    Just wanted to mention I'm lucky that i came on your page.