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Set your company up to succeed by failing first

Set your company up to succeed by failing first

Marketing Eye has been a pioneer of the outsourced marketing department concept. We brought the concept to the forefront some 13 years ago, and have since forged a new market where companies can outsource to one company with no freelancers their entire marketing needs.

At first it was like "hitting your head against a brick wall" trying to explain the concept and then finally the world clicked and the leads kept coming in. In many ways, we had to fail to succeed and that has set us up to build upon what worked and what did not, and deliver an unparalled marketing service to a market that was largely left confused.

Specialised service providers

Small to medium sized businesses have long been left to the way-side with adhoc marketing from specialised service providers and sometimes cowboys (sales people dressed as marketers), but that is changing and so is the sentiment of the market. 

What sets Marketing Eye apart is our determination to continue to break new ground and deliver technologies, systems and processes that take the entire industry to a new level of expertise and delivery. By working harder, faster and smarter, we are able to challenge what would normally occur in a much longer time frame and delivery high quality marketing outcomes for a fraction of a normal agency.

Small to medium sized businesses

When you have a small or medium sized business, you need every penny you have to build your business. With human capital and products weighing in on your budget, marketing sometimes becomes an after-thought. It is only when you see "success" from marketing first hand, that this changes.

Being a pioneer in championing change in an industry that is reluctant to change too much in fear of technology taking over jobs, is scary for many. Not so much for us. We are embracing robotics for instance, to replace marketers, giving marketing people new jobs that are more innovative and take marketers back to the core of touching people they do business with, and understanding indepth the market dynamics without the high cost of research agencies.

Awards and accolades are not necessary but nice

Recently Marketing Eye received two accolades: Top 10 Tech Marketing Company in New York (Tech Marketing Buffalo) and Top 10 Content Marketing Solution Provider 2017 (Marketing Tech Insights Magazine). We are thrilled to be recognised in the US for our work and are excited about continuing to strive for excellence. We are only too aware that failure got us to where we are today and is a badge we wear with honour.

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  • Marzia
    13 Feb 2017

    Good initiative! It's very important to invest in new technologies, and doing like this marketing eye is a step up ahead other organizations.