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Is your brand all over the shop?

Is your brand all over the shop?

I am in Townsville today doing a stocktake of one of Marketing Eye’s medium sized business clients brands.

Every year, we revisit the company’s marketing strategy, customer relationship management programs, brand, positioning and employee focus.

2 Years ago they rebranded the company to develop a new, modern brand identity that is more in touch with the company’s direction.

The rebrand has been enormously successful with their brand and passionate team taking the business to new heights. Sales have grown at a phenomenal rate as has their brand awareness in the market. Anyone who didn’t know them before, certainly knows them now.

They are better received in the market, employees are incredibly proud to work for them and new clients see them as a professional, trustworthy company in which to do business with.

It is a job well-done!

Now as we go through their entire business ensuring that every aspect of the rebrand has been audited; checking stationary, marketing collateral, signage, motor vehicles, sponsorships, advertising, clothing, promotional products and more in the process – we are finding little areas that have been overlooked.

Next time you have a few spare hours, why not look at your brand. Is it the same logo identity on all of your touch points? Is the brand placed in the same position on all touch points (i.e. not one left and another right)? Does the same tag line appear with the logo identity in the same place? Has the logo identity faded on different signs or shirts?

Checking your brand identity to make sure it isn’t all over the shop is critical to the overall perception the marketplace of your company.

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