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I'll sell my soul to see your face

After a walk through Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney, Lewis Lambert, Ethan Perry and myself headed to the office. It is 7am and we are all ready to kick some serious goals. This song came on the radio from Florida Georgia Line, "Stay". 

"I'll sell my soul to see your face", a line that resonates and not for the obvious reasons. Remember I am a business person and most things in one way or another lead back to business. It made me think about the love I have for business, and the journey that I have been on. The vision that sits in front of me, and what it takes to get there.

No, I am not about to sell my soul - that's far too dramatic and wrong. However, I am prepared to make sacrifices that not all people are prepared to make to "see your face". That means to see the vision more close up, closer to the line.

We're walking this road right now of change. It is so exciting, I cannot begin to tell you just what the feeling inside is like. I go from being on top of the moon, to fearing failure, jumping up and down to being terrified that the challenges may beat me down.

But they never do. It's just a journey and it is one that only a privilege few get to experience. Sometimes you play close to the line and other times, you are free and things are running so smoothly, you almost forget what it is like to be living in a stressed, hard working, no play environment.

Sydney has my heart. It is a city that has everything. Most importantly, it is an international city, probably the only one in Australia that truly lives up the standards of New York and London. My office overlooks Sydney harbour and it really doesn't matter how beautiful your office is, looking out at that view takes your breathe away. 

I'm living life right now in a way that keeps me on the edge of my toes, and I am terrified of tripping up. I am scared of failure, but at the same time I know that failure can be good. My work ethic couldn't be more consistent and the people who I have surrounded myself with are all on that journey. They are dreaming of the next stage of the business, and of the marketing industry in general. 

We are calling out to companies who want to also hit the next stage to come join us. We have a powerful, results-driven way of working with companies that are looking to high growth, new markets and exponential revenue growth. To get the ball rolling, and to make it affordable for anyone who has a business and has opened their doors, we are currently doing marketing strategies that must be booked in before 30 June 2018, for $4,950. You won't find a more comprehensive blueprint to your marketing in 2018/19 than what Marketing Eye does when they develop a marketing strategy.

Join us... it's going to be mammoth.

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