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Our point of difference is more than a pair of shoes

At 7am this morning I was on a conference call to Dallas, discussing Marketing Eye's services with a prospect in the real estate industry. As we ran through our services, without even realising it, I discussed the things that we do that no-one else in the market does.

For instance:

  • We work as a the entire marketing department for some clients, and for others, we work in synergy with their existing marketing department or agencies.
  • Marketing Eye works hard to ensure that we are ahead of the game, and that our team don't get bogged down in work, and not find time to constantly learn new things and develop their marketing skills.
  • As a company, we train and develop our clients employees ensuring that if they are interested in marketing, their skills base is constantly being updated and they are in an environment where learning and development is given precedence.
  • Our team is immensely talented, and I personally cannot speak highly enough of them. They each have a particular talent that they bring to the table that is exceptional, and together they make a formidable team.
  • I stand by our marketing strategies as being the best in the business. I genuinely feel that we are without peer for the quality of our marketing strategy and price point for developing them.
  • Marketing Eye invests in technology, third-party best-of-breed solutions and our own. Our secret sauce is Robotic Marketer and that is a game changer not just for our business, but for our clients businesses and for the entire industry as a whole.

No matter where I am in the world, and today I am in Sydney, I am always open to new ideas, innovative ways of doing things and pushing the boundaries on marketing. A walk to work is a marketers dream. If you soak up everything around you, you will find that something inside will be unleashed, and what you bring to the table today will keep the wheels turning.

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