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How to see your sales surge in the last quarter of the financial year

How to see your sales surge in the last quarter of the financial year

We are about to embark on our last quarter of the financial year, and like most companies, we are seeking to accelerate our sales performance and leverage our current marketing structure and assets.

Marketing Eye is one of Australia's most recognisable marketing consulting firms due to our online performance. We were early adopters of everything from websites through to social media use. We know that every single month search engine optimisation must be a priority, and blogging keeps our prospects coming back time and time again.

When looking at marketing, we know that it's time to change it up a little to push through the last quarter with our strongest performance yet. While leads keep the phones ringing, it is outbound marketing that will double our last quarter results. To that end, we are about to embark on investing heavily on outbound marketing campaigns and start communicating more frequently with our database.

Taking on new clients is easy as we have a well-established onboarding process and we know our business inside out. The clients that have come on board of recent are one's that we see with us for the long-term due to their businesses sitting nicely in our preferred target audience.

If you are anything like Marketing Eye, you may like to spend the today:

Updating your marketing strategy

Check out what you wrote in your marketing strategy for 2016/17 and ramp it up a little. Make the last quarter a little more aggressive in the markets that you would like to grow most. Pay special attention to one-to-one marketing campaigns by using intuitive technologies as a platform to write content that is individual to the companies or people you are wanting to convert.

Public relations

We have a new magazine coming out which is in newsagencies and airline lounges. If you target business people who sit in lounges or like reading business magazines, you may like to contact us to see if we can squeeze you in the magazine for the next edition which is being finalised next week.

Other than that, we are writing some articles for Forbes, and have a new technology being tested, so that will help us get a message out to the market that we are staying ahead of the curve and not waiting yesterday's technology to use tomorrow.

Direct marketing

I am a fan of creative old-fashion marketing campaigns. They work if they are creative and you are really targeting the people that you are sending the campaign too. We are sending one out next week, before Easter which is a big call - but we believe that people want to think about not only the last quarter but the next 12 months and 3 years during their downtime. It's a reminder that marketing is important and fundamental to business growth. If a company has put off their investment in marketing or are working on an adhoc basis, then direct marketing campaigns such as ours will refresh their thought process on why adhoc only is a quick fix and not something that is going to take them where they really want to go.


How many profiles are out of date and not relevant? Too many, is the right answer. Make sure you and your team have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, and that you are participating in LinkedIn groups. Start talking to your connections and catch up with them for coffee. You never know where the conversation will lead.

Marketing is changing every single day. It has become increasingly difficult for companies to stay ahead of the curve, and embrace marketing at the level necessary to reach their full potential.

Sit your sales and marketing team down, and include any technology players you are working with, to collaborate and brainstorm on how to take your business to the next level. Or if you would prefer, call Marketing Eye for a marketing workshop.

If you read this blog, we are happy to do a 4 hour workshop for $800.00 with no additional commitment required as a one off to get the ball rolling.

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