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Cheering from the grandstand is the best position in the house

Cheering from the grandstand is the best position in the house

It's been a mammoth month in so many ways. End of financial year in Australia is always draining. As a marketer, there is no fun in fulfilling your obligations as a business owner for the taxation department.

But it has to be done. Complaining won't get me anywhere.

We have on-boarded a new inside sales person, with great success. He (Jonathan) has exceeded our expectation in his first month of doing inside sales and it looks like we have yet again, another superstar in this role. 

Our marketing department is kicking goals, exceeding client expectations and delivering on what is promised. It's a constant juggling act for them, with the number of clients that each marketing manager is across but they all seem to be handling it well. I am incredibly proud of their efforts and constant process improvement.

The business is growing and expanding and developing. I am a tad excited today because I leave for a trip to Europe for business and by default a little pleasure, and I know that none of my offices anywhere will need me for anything. They will make decisions on their own, and continue to build the business without me being there. It's an amazing feeling. I literally could go away for a year and the business would still grow. 

I am in fact just sitting in the grand stand watching their performance from afar and that is the most liberating, exciting feeling imaginable. To be able to watch them grow and kick goals, or at times stumple and drop the ball, but know how to pick it back up again - is amazing.

This is what they call working "on" the business, not "in" the business and that would not have been possible had it not been for the right people and processes in place.

Thank you team! You make me smile and feel very proud of what you have all together accomplished!

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  • Baileys Tips
    Baileys Tips
    27 Jun 2016

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