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Blogging is out and Microblogging is in.

Blogging is out and Microblogging is in.

Blogging has become more than a platform that provides individuals with useful information but rather an outlet where prospects, clients and employees can go to engage and develop a greater insight and relationship with a company.

Integrating blogs into your everyday marketing activities and practices have become a necessity for businesses, no matter their specific industry. The benefits of these blogs are incredible, as they have the ability to create engaging content that populates your social media feeds, increases your SEO performance and offers an opportunity to engage with the community. However, as of recent a new kind of blog has emerged in the marketing and business world. It is commonly known as microblogging.

Microblogging is extremely shorter than your average blog and includes a few lines that are dedicated and specific to a topic and or situation.  It’s a combination of blogging and instant messaging which offers the possibility for its writer to share a brief text update anywhere, at any time. In contrast, regular blogging is usually a long text structured by an introduction, well-arranged paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Why it’s effective?

Spontaneous microblogging requires less time and effort than writing a regular blog. It allows users to post more frequently because of their size. Readers do not really pay attention to language and grammar standards compared to a traditional blog, as microblogs are made “in the moment”.

When you go to a blog, you want an in-depth explanation that answers your question. With a microblog, you are provided with a brief synopsis of what someone’s up to, or a few facts about different subjects. Microblog posts are ephemeral as it is hard to find them again. The only way to search for the post again is to scroll down the entire feed. In contrast, blogs can be easily pulled up again with a simple internet search for them. A blog’s design is adapted to a website whereas microblogs are dependent on the platform used, no customization is allowed.

The combination of frequent, short microblogs and occasional, long blogs is the best of both worlds. Using the two will help boost engagement towards your community and SEO, through diverse content.

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  • Rinaldo
    31 May 2019

    Good blog! I've gathered that microblogs give the reader a feeling of understanding and relating to how the writer is feeling, along with learning about different subjects, and normal blogs are a lot more informative on a certain topic :)