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An unlikely love affair between IT and Marketing

An unlikely love affair between IT and Marketing

My husband is a software engineer, well he is many things; a great dad, a fantastic husband and well if I’m 100% honest a total nerd. A tech head and code developer at heart, he often sees the world in black and white, a series of 1’s and 0’s while I’m much more emotive,

creative and see the world with all its colours and shades of grey. In saying that though yes, we’re fundamentally different but he’s the ying to my yang, meaning our differences actually end up complementing each other. We often point out things the other doesn’t and bring a different point of view into whatever we’re doing.

For me though what’s really been interesting is how our worlds are emerging and not just through our marriage but in our careers too. Marketing Eye is a great example of how IT and Marketing, two seemingly separate and unlikely besties, are joining forces and exploring avenues of marketing using highly technical software such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, embedded automation, big data, data mining and so many other ways to really give our customers a unique experience unlike ever before.

Robotic Marketer is one way that Artificial Intelligence is writing marketing strategies using smart technology to learn about our clients independently as they write more and more strategies. It’s advanced technology that learns for itself using machine learning, data mining and information retrieval and extraction methods to generate advanced marketing strategies for clients. Now if that’s not IT merging with Marketing I don’t know what is…

Mellissah Smith, the founder of Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketer has known about the strong connection between Marketing and IT and has foreseen how the future of Marketing will be heavily IT driven, so much so that she has invested heavily in robotics and technology in Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketing.

It’s really great to see technology and marketing combine, I personally am really excited to see the future of Marketing with the help and support of our IT super nerds everywhere.

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  • yuri
    07 Dec 2018

    very interesting! Technology is essential tool for marketing and business grow more rapidly in the future.