The most powerful marketing strategy won't be done by you

When I first developed Robotic Marketer I knew that I had to connect to a very large audience. No technology can be powerful without valuable feedback. Every piece of feedback, good and bad, helps developers fine-tune their technology to provide a better solution for the end customer.

A few times I have reached out to you to talk about Robotic Marketer. At first, I think I became so stuck in the technology, I forgot about the outcomes – and I’m a marketer. Go figure!

It’s a humbling experience because what has been developed is something that every entrepreneur, start-up, person with a business idea and of course marketer, can use. It is a no-brainer. Unlike other more competitive products, Robotic Marketer is simply a way in which you can do your own workshop, or use an agency to do it with you, and the output is a comprehensive, workable, action orientated marketing strategy to the tune of 40 pages of recommendations. 

I always suggest that someone add the icing on the cake. Add value by putting into your strategy a well-thought through brand story and creativity. However, the basis of the marketing strategy gives you everything else you need to have a fully-fledged marketing strategy aligned to your business goals. If implemented, you will achieve what you have set out to achieve for the year.

We are still improving the technology, and always will be… but right now, we haven’t gone live to the market. Instead, we host your marketing workshop for you (no matter where you are in the world), and we add the icing on the cake at the end, sending you in just 3 days after the workshop, your complete marketing strategy.

Our team is recognized as being one of the best in the business. We have written more than 1,000 marketing strategies and recently were named as being in the top 10 competitive quadrant alongside McKinsey and Company, Bain and Co and Deloitte. Marketing Eye named at number 7 was a big coo and something that confirmed to me that we were doing something right.

So, if you are looking to start 2019 with a marketing strategy in place, then now is the time to book your marketing workshop. 

If you are in Australia, United States or New Zealand, we are able to offer you a personalized on-boarding to Robotic Marketer through Marketing Eye marketing strategy consultants, all for just $1,950.

Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity. By signing up now, you are helping us, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. You will find a powerful, results-orientated marketing strategy aligned to your business goals, that is easy to implement.

Click here to sign up now.

Yours sincerely, Mellissah Smith

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  • Pauline
    29 Jan 2019

    Robotic marketer is a really good company!

  • yuri
    07 Dec 2018

    Great idea! joining the marketing workshop must be good the experience! Acquiring marketing strategy is the most useful way to do your own business