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3 web designs that define innovation and creativity

3 web designs that define innovation and creativity

Website design requires certain considerations. These include aesthetic, functionality, audience engagement, content interactivity and responsiveness. Then of course there must be a clear call to action.

With these factors in mind, Marketing Eye undertook the challenge to create three very unique website rebuilds.

These include:
Bemilighting: An industry-defining, international company headquartered in Melbourne. Bemi Lighting sells environmentally sustainable lighting for industrial and commercial buildings. They are competitively priced and customer-centric.


ScanRent: In any business, safety is of utmost importance. This is particularly true of the construction industry. ScanRent’s business is the safety of employees and contractors on building and construction sites. They design reliable, high quality equipment to ensure safety and flexibility.


Remco is Australia's premier pool covering specialist, selling everything from standardised affordable pool covers, to tailor made exclusive pool covers. Recently, Remco branched out to launch SwimJet, a flush mounted jet propulsion system that is ideal for anyone interested in fitness or remedial therapy training. Children will also have a blast.


For each of these websites, our web designer took account of the specific needs of the audience and the online experiences each brand was attempting to create.

What he came up with were three interactive and responsive websites, built to be mobile friendly and a showcase of the brands and their market positioning.

Have a look at each website and let us know what you think.

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