What am I doing in Australia?

What am I doing in Australia?

There are many people before me, and there will be many others after, but I am starting to think to myself, that I do not belong in Australia. The country is too small, and there is not a big enough market to capitalise on the business I have built and newer businesses that I am involved with.

Australia is a great country to grow up in and it really has a lot of nice people in it - but when you are building a big business, the truth of the matter is that all the resources and opportunities just are not there.

I look at how Malcolm Turnbull is trying to turn this around and kudos to him, but the ideas that are getting funded are hit and miss. There are so many better businesses out there that would benefit from Government funding, yet they are being ignored. Maybe they don't have the right connections or perhaps when they write their submission, it isn't as good as the one's that other writers put together. I don't know, but there are so many missed opportunities.

I have been in the US for two weeks and I have to say that I am literally kicking ass. So many opportunities have crossed my path and my own business ideas and charity ideas are being well received and supported in a way that I never imagined possible.

In fact, I have decided to push one of my business areas off the Australian charts and set up a business in the US without any connection to Australia, other than the original owner is me... a first generation Australian who has been an entrepreneur for 17 years.

There is a lot of funding available

There is a lot of funding available, but there are also a lot of sharks out there and frauds. You really have to be careful who you hop into bed with. Stay away from Activist investors - they will only stiffle your creativity and ability to grow your business in a way that you planned to execute. Find people who are on the same page and are not so invested in money, but more so in people and relationships.

I have found this in spades in America. I am breaking up areas of my business to expand internationally in a way that I don't believe was possible in Australia. This is going to change my outcomes and give me more opportunities to do things that I would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

I love Australia

I am proud to be Australian. But I am also an entrepreneur and I am tired of hearing people winge, meeting up with sharks or people that are so focused on money that it makes me want to vomit. People matter more. Charity matters more. Life matters more.

You will see a very different Marketing Eye in weeks to come and it's exciting and it will include people from all over the world doing things that will help Marketing Eye exceed its growth goals. We are breaking up the business and this will help us filtrate more markets, more often.

Let's kick ass

Let's kick ass, and make this happen together. Don't be fooled by those who think they are smarter. Instead, always be kind, and jump into bed with people who have your back and want to sleep with you long after the first night.

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  • Laura Hannoun
    Laura Hannoun
    25 Mar 2016

    Hi Mellissah,
    If you have this kind of thought about Australia, try to guess what can I hear everyday in France. Every entrepreneur that I met wants to live abroad.
    It seems that some countries are more clever than others ;)