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Change the world : Is it possible?

Change the world : Is it possible? Featured

Each year I embark on a journey to rediscover myself, my business and my world. It may seem a little philosophical, but it's true.

I do this, not in a traditional way of going into a zone where you are by yourself and you spend time thinking and analysing, but by going away to conferences. In particular, entrepreneurial conferences.

I love to be inspired and I really enjoy the art of listening. I sit in a conference room, usually for 3 or 4 days and listen to speakers. People who mainly inspire me, or sometimes, showcase what I really don't want to be.

The latter is far less often than you would think. Conference organisers, if they are good, deliver. Just like we have to in our own businesses.

For the past week I have been in Amsterdam. Yes, the city of canals and hash cookies! Amsterdam is so much more than its picturesque landscape or their legalisation of drugs and paid-for-sex. It is a city full of inspiring entrepreneurs who are creative, innovator and completely on the front foot of CHANGE.

I met a couple of dozen entrepreneurs who blew my mind. They were people who not only had businesses like we do in Australia, but had created something so unique that there were a few ideas that I would sincerely love to bring back to Australia.

Now how this conference is different is that it hosts around 500 entrepreneurs day and night for 5 days in locations all over the world, twice a year. There are many recognisable faces, some are public profiles, others have been around for a long time. They all add value to my life, my business and the way I look at the world.

This particular conference was about CHANGING THE WORLD. As you would have predicted, it was very much focused on sustainability, human rights, environmental causes and creating businesses to help those in need.

Kofi Annan spoke and received a standing ovation - as you would expect from such a powerful, charismatic head of the UN.

But what got me, was the room of people and their ability to share and communicate at every level with fellow entrepreneurs. Share experiences, ideas and their businesses.

What did I get from this conference?

1. Good friends - people I could imagine being friends with for life
2. Ideas - for my business and community
3. Change - ways in which I can change the world, by participating more
4. Inspiration - some people do extraordinary things
5. Power - knowledge is power - need I say more.

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