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5 Keys to communicating effectively with clients

5 Keys to communicating effectively with clients

Without clients, no-one has a business. They are king in every sense of the world and unless they treat your people in a way that is not within your values of company culture, all organisations will benefit from having a client-first approach.

Being a client is special and every aspect of being a client should be treated accordingly. Every touchpoint from the time they ring your office or wait for their monthly report, should be an exceptional experience. So often we all get caught up in other stuff, that we forget that without our clients - we don't have a business and none of us have jobs.

I am a person who loves clients. Not because they pay us money, but due to the fact that we pick and choose our clients so that they are a good fit. While we have ambitious growth plans, they are nothing in comparison to getting the right clients that fit our culture and the way we operate.

Marketing is so grey. No-one can deny. While analytics has improved this, it hasn't completely fixed the problem. There lies a issue in itself and one that hopefully the industry will innovate enough to fix sometime down the track.

There are many ways to communicate effectively with clients, but here are 5 ways that are helpful for any good client communication:

  1. Make sure your communication with clients is regular and consistent. That means that you schedule in calls or meetings on a weekly basis and always make them. Never move a client meeting as it is telling them that your time is more important than theirs.
  2. Use different mediums to communicate. Say hi on social media; Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat - whatever medium is appropriate and show the world that your client is very important to your organisation.
  3. Try using new social methods of collaboration to enhance the client experience and therefore share what you are working on in real time allowing them to give feedback at any time that suits their needs.
  4. Share valuable resources like networking events, educational commentary, articles, blogs etc. Clients always love to be included.
  5. Remember every single special occasion a client may have from their birthdays, to company anniversaries and childrens births. If you remember the small things, they will feel special.

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