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5 life lessons travel taught me

89 days, 16 countries, 6 different languages and a lifetime experience. It's safe to say these past three months were nothing short of an absolute blast, but travelling was honestly more than that, it was an incredible lifetime opportunity filled with lessons and one of kind experiences one can only imagine.  

Europe and the U.K are an incredibly culture rich part of the world. From sipping on real Italian wine in the famous Tuscany region, to rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Monaco, helping a young Swiss girl who spoke no English find her parents, trying to figure out how to use the Paris and Rome metro and so on. Each day was basically filled with a new challenge or obstacle that lead to experiencing an incredible moment. You learn a lot, and you don’t always learn what it is you expect too. About life, about people about the world. Regardless of what it is, you grow as a person, as a friend and as an employee.

So whether it comes down to finding your way around or talking with the locals/sharing new experiences, here are five life skills you’re likely to gain or build upon whilst travelling.  

  1. Independence – Whilst travelling, you learn to always be aware of your own surroundings, and how to trust yourself and your instinct. You can’t always rely on someone else to help you through life, there will always be obstacles and challenges along the way that you’ll need to solve alone.
  2. Punctuality – being on time and punctual is crucial especially if you've spent $300 on a train ticket, you don't really want to miss it and put yourself out of pocket. Time management is a crucial skill that tends to stick with you once you get the hang of it.
  3. Perspective - Perhaps what you believed to be unique is much more universal. Travelling will open your eyes and allow you to get the bigger picture on how various cultures mesh and interact with each other and how history plays a part in how our traits have evolved. You’ll realise that no matter how much you learn or see, there will always be more.
  4. Appreciation – Just because it’s different to what you’re used to, it’s not wrong. Everyone and every culture will never see eye to eye. Being somewhere new will allow you to build upon immersing yourself in a new culture, a new place, new people whilst appreciating everything in between.
  5. Communication – travelling encourages you to interact with those people from other corners of the world which undoubtedly will lead to improving your listening skills, helping you to be more compassionate, while creating a sense of willingness to understand people and ultimately transforming your ability to communicate effectively. People skills are the most important social skill any person or employee could have as we search to live a happy life with a successful career.  
Travel isn't all fun and games it's exhausting, tiring, hard, different, it has its pros and cons, but in the end its an exhilarating experience where you'll gain or build upon skills that will help you excel as a person in everyday life. Is it time for you to experience something new?

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  • Camille
    23 Oct 2017

    Travelling is something necessary to learn about life's world. Indeed, travel permite to discover, in reality, kind of life of other communities, other languages. Travel permite also to learn about ourselves because we can see how we adapt in different environment and cultures. Travelling can scare but is so much rewarding and crazy !! For me it's always time to experience something new !!

  • Emy
    23 Oct 2017

    the more you travel the more you learn and open your mind, it enriches your culture and simply adapt to different countries. this blog is very interesting

  • Chelsea Shiu
    Chelsea Shiu
    23 Oct 2017

    Having stayed 2 years overseas travelling, I completely agree with this blog, travelling brings you lifetime experience and thanks to this, it makes you more open-minded.


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