Sep 01, 2017 Written by  Diana Coady
I walked out of the doors from my internship at Marketing Eye Sydney for the last time today. I could feel a small lump in my throat as I entered the elevator, pushed the button to the ground floor, and finally walked through the automatic glass doors onto William St, Woolloomooloo.
A Summer with Marketing Eye Sydney
I had traveled up and down this route to and from this office so many times, it was one of the few places in this big city that actually felt familiar. On this last day, I made the realization that I was comfortable and confident in this office, and I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be returning the next day, or possibly ever again. It's funny to think that just two months ago I had never lived out of the USA on my own, I had never even heard of SEO or AdWords, nor had I ever worked somewhere that made me realize this was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. 

I had only recently decided within the last year and a half that marketing might be something I'd like to pursue. This led me to an internship at Marketing Eye. Within the first week there, I knew this was for me. I may have actually become obsessed with marketing... This is exhibited by my constant sharing of advertising fun-facts to all my family and friends who’d look at me like I was the biggest nerd they’ve ever met. Ha! But I couldn’t care less. I knew I loved marketing.

I’d always been told that an internship would be what you made it. If I wanted to learn something, make connections, and gain valuable experience, I’d have to be proactive. During my time in the office I made myself open to all opportunities, especially those I didn’t know very much about. Working with Marketing Eye allowed me to explore the world of marketing and discover how complex and dynamic marketing really is. It fascinated me how many kinds of marketing trends exist, how many have gone out of style, and how many more are already being forecasted to start being utilized in the near future. Although some may see an everchanging industry as a major headache, I see it as an opportunity to always keep learning new things. In my very last week at my internship, I had the privilege of meeting Mellissah Smith and I remember her telling me something that really validated my perspective. She said, “you should learn something new every day”. I couldn’t agree with you more Mellissah!

I never thought I'd be someone who’d find their passion in a little marketing office on the other side of the world, but I’m so glad I did! It's exciting to be able to picture myself working in a marketing office again one day, and hopefully, that day comes soon!
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