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Your life is now played out in public - and I don't like it - do you?

Your life is now played out in public - and I don't like it - do you?

Last night I attended an event just for an hour or so that my friend was hosting. I caught up with a few people and without realizing it, had to take a few steps back.

The reason being is sometimes things are best left in the past, especially people, and who wants to know what someone else is doing? I certainly don't.

I remember thinking about how happy I am with my lot in life right now. I have some very big meetings on this week, that will change the game for me, and take me down a very different path than what I anticipated. My personal life is one that is very content and quite exciting as there are adventures to be had and more experiences with special people that I am looking forward to having.

I keep myself so busy, that I have no time in my life to know what is someone else's business. I can only care about my own, and be there for friends, when and if they need to. Not to offer advice, because no person walks in another shoes, but to listen.

I avoid being part of conversations that relate to other people, or if someone tells me something about another and it is in an uncomfortable way, I let it go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes people just blow off steam, or say things that they don't really mean or know is not relevant to the audience.

Being put in uncomfortable situations in the work place is easy, because it is not really us that is dealing with the situation - it's our position in the company, and logic has everything to do with making a fair judgement and a good call, that ends in a positive outcome.

When it's personal, it is another thing. I for one, clam up, can't say anything and literally have to get out of wherever I am. 

But the reality of life is everything is public whether we like it or not. Yes, I have this blog and others, and I write for a number of editorials, often sharing my experiences, but somehow you think that life stops there, and the conversation can finish. That of course is an ideal world, and not one that we live in.

We post pictures on Facebook as if our life is perfect, which mostly I do try not to do and as much as possible portray a less than perfect existence as no persons world is perfect.

I am however, pretty happy with where I am at, and whom I share my life.

What happened last night that shocked me was that someone took my photo without my permission. I immediately ran out of the place I was at, and went home. I didn't say anything to that person, and am completely disturbed by why someone would take a strangers picture without their permission.

However, I should not be so niave to think that this is not what happens to some people every day, and gosh, I have to say, I think it is disgusting. I've never been one to a) be impressed by someone enough to take their photo or have reason to without their permission and b) been interested in celebrity or anything of the sort to either have my photo taken with someone that would not be in my life long after the picture was taken, or take the liberty to think it was ok to take a picture without the explicit permission of the person.

Whole careers are made by taking pictures of people without their permission and celebrities and even business people often may utilise this to their advantage. These are legal careers and have a purpose in that they sell magazines or newspapers.

My bee in my bonnet is I am none of these things, and the photo was possibly taken out of intrigue, but I found it intrusive and not ok. I didn't approach the person. I simply left the building.

The reality of life in the light of day is if we walk out of our homes, we are subjected to the public, even as nobodies. We know this to be true because people without a brand so to speak, have their photos in newspapers, or taken without their knowledge every day.

Is it right or wrong? Who knows, but I would love to go back to the world where we no longer have cell phones or they are checked at the door. Is that too much to ask?

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