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What are you afraid of? Success? Failure? Judgement?

What are you afraid of? Success? Failure? Judgement?

When I was young, sub-25 years of age, I never had an opportunity to go to a conference that had a line up of speakers quite like that of the North Queensland Entrepreneurs Conference. In fact, I really didn't know it existed. Well, it doesn't and certainly a lineup as inspiring as the one put together for Townsville on 8 November 2016, has not been done before.

Last night I chatted to a bunch of young people under the age of 25 years of age. They varied from not knowing what they wanted to do, to saying that they were learning skills so that one day they could own their own businesses by being in the jobs that they are in, and a few said that they were using their jobs to save to start their own business. 

Small business underpins the Australian economy. It's not the big corporations that largely avoid tax and take their profits off-shore, using our generous Government systems to avoid what many small businesses are forced to pay, and often becomes the crippling point in their existence.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and each speaker at the North Queensland Entrepreneurs Conference in Townsville will talk about how they have navigated from starting a business without any money, and using their insights, creativity and ability to back themselves to build their businesses to a level that made them the success they are today.

At #NQECON2016 you will hear:

  • How one man asked his friends for the funds in small parcels to start the first KFC in Australia and is now a billionaire.
  • Why some people are not entrepreneurs, but become one by 'accident' and learn as they go, to become an international entrepreneur with a number of business, growing with challenges but conquering each and every one as they come along.
  • How one mumpreneur has built an international business, and has sold her products into China with enormous success.
  • When starting a business because you are not sure what next to do, actually can help you realise what you really love and are passionate about - and with that success comes.
  • Where the money comes from when you have a startup and you look to investors to help you get your business off the ground.
  • America's ground breaking tech entrepreneur, forging her second technology business, buying a bank with a community, and starting an organic farm, while having a licence to fly helicopters and just completing her term as President of the most prestigious entrepreneurs group in the world, YPO.
  • Being an woman is not a disadvantage - it's just something that we live with, and sometimes it gives us more opportunities than our male counterparts.
  • Incubators are great starting points for those who have an idea, but have done nothing with it. What you can learn from being involved in an Incubator, and what that does for your confidence and ability to execute on your idea to a level where you really do have business.

There are many conferences that are junkets - but this is not one. You won't be bored by speakers who blow their trumpets, but instead you will be inspired by those who will share their stories - warts and all. From that, you will have a lot of take home value, and hopefully be inspired to follow your dreams, or make changes in your business that you may never before have thought of.

There is nothing to be afraid of by listening to people who will only inspire you through their stories. Starting a business and believing in yourself is a choice and perhaps you will get judgement by some people around you, but you will be the person who has the last laugh. Don't be afraid to succeed and certainly, never be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not even trying - that's something worth thinking about.

Additionally, we have invited a number of Mayors to speak at because they are doing great things in their communities to help people develop business ideas, or expand their existing businesses to survive the economic turmoil in the market, and take their businesses to the next level.

Join us. Be inspired. Take a day of annual leave if you have to. But DO NOT MISS this once in a lifetime opportunity to connect the dots. Book now. November 8, 2016 at The Ville. 8.30am to 5.30pm.

See you there.

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  • Dara Lin
    Dara Lin
    27 Oct 2016

    The title caught my attention. What I am afraid of? As I read through it teaches a lesson that we should bear not only in marketing but also to our lives. Indeed, business has its synthetic portions that we can never be called a great marketer if we haven't experienced all these things but we should always bear in mind that the goals that we should inculcate in our minds. This is for our growth. Thanks for this Mellissah.