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The moment you realise that it's time...

The moment you realise that it's time...

The time is nigh. 

Imagine the feeling when you just realise that you have been dragging your feet when you should have been sprinting to the finish line? I feel kind of like that with our European expansion and our reluctance to expand into Asia.

It makes more sense to sell licensing to Asia and Europe than to open company offices, however, Amsterdam and Rotterdam hold special places in our hearts and we have for many years had the most incredible interns from the Netherlands that there is literally so much talent for us to draw upon.

The challenges of expansion is spreading yourself and your team too thin. With our commitment to charity, developing new technologies and improving our own business, it is quite easy for us to be left with no time to do other things.

On top of that, I have public speaking and writing commitments that are regular and require my attention.

They say, if you want something done, ask a busy person. Utilising my time wisely is something that I have learned to exercise. Continually bringing to the table new ideas can frustrate those around me, but at the same time, inspire others who choose to use this inspiration as a spark to create their own.

We are looking forward to continuing on with our business plan, which we put on hold a little in the last two quarters of last year due to being over-worked doing charity.

You may ask what was the catalyst to realising that the time is right:

  • We are at the start of the  year - it's now or never
  • Our team are secure and ready to run their own show, and don't need a lot of supervision
  • We run a flat organisational structure, so the leaders in the business should be free to uproot and start new businesses in other countries
  • The acceleration of our technology development means that we are going to be working smarter, harder, faster - so watch out
  • Our clients are so damn awesome - they are incredible to work with and have fabulous brands that are gaining considerable traction
  • Systems, processes and technologies are powering our performance.

Change is as good as a new haircut! It's time to mix it up, play the game harder and smarter and get to the next level with the amazing talent that we surround ourselves with.

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