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Being a startup isn't for the faint-hearted

Being a startup isn't for the faint-hearted

Startups are hard work, require a lot of resilience and often are flawed with the fact that many are not adequately funded to a) hire the right people b) to marketing the business c) to have the infrastructure in place for growth.

Everytime we start a new office, it literally freaks me out. I get anxiety over the fact that it could fail, and no matter how much work we do from the backend, it really depends so much on the people who are working for the business and their ability to use their marketing skills to market our brand.

There are some things that startups know for a certain:

  • It's hard to get the first sale, and even harder to get the second
  • Keeping in good with your customers is imperative to word-of-mouth marketing
  • Cash is king - never spend more money than you have 
  • Prospecting is not a 9 to 5 job - it requires you to put in more effort and time during this startup phase
  • Always followup and keep reminding your prospects that you are not only there, but eager to work with them
  • Structures, systems and processes are the platform that will allow you to be better at what you are doing
  • Every prospecting call must come with the same enthusiasm as the first
  • Listen to feedback and adjust if required
  • Use every marketing platform that you have available to you
  • Never, ever give up!

A start-up team needs to be determined, self-starters and ready to take the knock-backs knowing that everytime someone says no, they are closer to a yes.

When challenges come up, it is the people who are in the startup team that will define your business going forward. They need to be measured, enthusiastic and ready to take on any opportunity.

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