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The Language of Marketing Eye

The Language of Marketing Eye

The Language of Marketing Eye

Many successful companies have a "company language" that everyone in the organisation has been trained on, it’s embedded in the way they talk, the way they write and the way they communicate ideas. The power of language is so huge that Marketing Eye suggests every business should add a company language element to their corporate identity or style guide. It’s as important if not more important than your visual identity. It compliments your tone of voice and supports your written communications and marketing pieces.

I’ve definitely found speaking with a familiar vocabulary that people expect from your brand helps define its identity, it becomes how the consumer relates to the company and interacts with it.


So how do you set up a company language? At Marketing Eye, we recently conducted a collaborative workshop involving our interstate and overseas offices. Here we brainstormed and allowed teams to contribute to the Marketing Eye company language.  We received multiple messages from all the teams in the various Marketing Eye offices all around the world with phrases that they use regularly to define Marketing Eye. Words like connect, client-centric and communicate repeatedly came up in our brainstorming session and we have now used these words as part of our business language. Conducting this exercise gave us invaluable insights into how our company can develop a unique language that makes Marketing Eye stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Eye definitely suggests getting all your staff involved as they understand the business better than anyone and know the brand and how it should be developed and communicated best.  

Understanding your consumer and target market is imperative, as it’s key to how your messages will be effectively received. Understanding your target market and how they communicate will set the tone, style, and voice of your communication. It will also define your brand so it's important to get it right. 

At Marketing Eye our company language guide has been an essential document that we have used to help define our company, differentiate us from our competitors and our brand. Completing this exercise has really allowed us to harness the power of language and use it in our key messaging to relate to our customers and clients on a personal level, as we've tailored all our communications especially for them and chosen language that they respond well with. We suggest all companies should complete a language guide if you haven’t already with input from staff, key stakeholders and customers, it’s a great exercise in brand development and understanding your customers. It has definitely shaped Marketing Eye and opened our eyes on how to build greater relationship with our audience in the best most effective way possible.

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  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Very interesting!

  • yuri
    17 Dec 2018

    It's very interesting! ! I'm looking forward to seeing your new post!