Richer than most

Richer than most

John Rich, one of America’s most successful country music singers and star of US-version of Celebrity Apprentice, was one of the most inspirational people that I met during a recent trip to the United States.

His passion for life, for achievement and for helping others, is absolutely incredible. Here’s what he shared…

When I went to school, we couldn’t afford much. I used to get my old shoes and scrub those suckers so they looked brand new, so when I wear them to school, all the kids think you have brand new shoes. Right… but you had to do it.

And that’s kind of how I have gone about this whole thing.

I’ve had 4 record deals – which that means I have lost 3. People think ‘wow, he must be great, he’s had 4 record deals’ but the great one’s have 1 record deal, not 4.

I am the only artist in music, to score a top 10 song in a band, duo and solo – 3 different combos. Rebuilding and completely reorganising every time is what you have to do.

For me, you have a dream, you have something you’re going at, you go for it.

We are all running down the same track and every now and again you are going to step on a land mine, and you get back up and you say you ain’t stepping on that again, so you pick yourself up and you keep going.

If I am going to be on celebrity apprentice, the only reason I am going to do it is to raise money for St Jude. And I raised a whole heap of money.

One thing I think is key is when the ball is rolling, you don’t stand back and pour a cocktail and watch that ball roll.  You go up to it and kick the s*** out of it again and keep kicking it so that the ball is rolling real fast and then you hire someone faster than you to kick it again.

Are we are going to win or what? God Bless.

I applied this to the celebrity apprentice situation. What do I have access to at my disposal? 60 million listeners every day across the United States listening to Country Radio.

From doing interviews on Country Radio, there was a 15-20% increase per show for Celebrity Apprentice.

Keep thinking, keep redefining what is possible.

When asked why I did take the initiative of doing the Country Radio interviews at 4.30am each morning after a show by Donald Trump I said I did it because nobody said I couldn’t do it. That’s why.

** Note:  This has not been edited so that it can remain authentic.

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comments ( 2 )
  • Blanca
    17 May 2011

    Lucky you! I bet his drive and passion were contagious!

  • Amanda
    11 May 2011

    Wow what an amazing guy... how lucky are you to have had this opportunity!