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Is your brand timeless?

Is your brand timeless?

I saw this picture when I was travelling overseas. It's brilliant. A young boy watching an older woman walk past and clearly recognising that she is a beauty. It doesn't matter what age she is, or he is for that matter - beautiful is beautiful. There is no gender or age specifications around beauty.

When it comes to brand, it is important to have a brand that is timeless. Yes, it may evolve, but you wouldn't change it year-on-year and hopefully not within 5 years.

An Australian brand that always comes to mind when talking branding is VB. "You can get it walking, you can get it... " voice over on all of their television and radio campaigns played with exactly the same voiceover decade after decade. I remember it, my mother remembers it and my grandfather remembered it. It lasted the generations and VB will never be the same without it.

When developing a new brand, think about how long you  can live with it and whether it will be timeless or not.

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  • Orthomol Junior
    Orthomol Junior
    20 Jul 2013

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  • Grantham
    19 Jul 2013

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  • Flo
    18 Jan 2013

    I agree that it is important for a brand to be timeless, and also remain consistent with their image for people to remember it as and when they think of a product category.
    Give for example Apple. The secret of Apple's success may have less to do with innovative products than with the image the company has created through skillful marketing.

  • Greta
    13 Dec 2012

    Another example of a timeless brand would be a country brand. France has been always associated with high fashion, good wine, irresistible pastries, Eifel tower, The Louvre, and the French kiss. Italy is all about great coffee, quality leather shoes and bags, pasta & pizza dishes, loud talking and passionate people.

    These associations are very unique, strong and long-lasting. That’s why country of origin cue is successfully employed in branding.

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim
    26 Oct 2012

    A brand has to constantly emphasise its brand uniqueness and relevance to extend through time. A great example of this is Patek Philippe's ad campaign that had the tagline: "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation."

    It differentiates Patek Philippe from the likes of Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega, that currently focus on celebrity endorsements, emphasising its position as a more premium and luxurious brand than its competitors. It also promotes brand loyalty that is passed on to future generations.

  • Lynnette
    10 Oct 2012

    I wholeheartedly agree with this blogpost on branding.
    Brand development is a crucial part of a brand's lifespan, in fact, it determines how the brand will react with the public sphere. It is important to market a brand in a way it will be remembered over time, in order for it to last.
    Thus, its important to create a theme that will be timeless such as the example you mentioned. Beauty is timeless, with no age or gender specifications, and it is a good example for a brand theme that would last through the test of time.

  • Ashna Kaul
    Ashna Kaul
    10 Oct 2012

    It is important that a brand project a consistent image to its customers, something they can identify wth over long periods of time. Some of the greatest fashion brands, like Chanel, Burberry and Dior, have been around for decades and though they may have evolved a lot, their basic designs are still alive and trhiving today.
    A consistent brand image promotes loyalty and is therefore likely to retain custoomers in te long term.