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How to make people remember your Facebook posts

How to make people remember your Facebook posts


Let’s start this blog with a simple exercise. Go to your Facebook page and look at the last 10 statuses you posted. What are they mostly about? You may want to think before posting if most of your statuses revolve around work complaints, drunken weekend antics or overstate political opinions.

A study by University of Scranton and UC San Diego researchers found that Facebook status updates stick in the minds of readers for longer than you think – one status alone is 1.5 times more memorable than sentences from books, and 2.5 times more memorable than faces of strangers, representing a remarkable difference in memory performance.

While our initial exercise may have given you an initial panic attack, it’s important to capitalise on the power of the human mind and use it for the greater good of your business.

As we all know, social media is a powerful marketing tool, especially for small businesses. When Facebook is updated roughly 30 trillion times an hour, it is important to stand out and make sure your products and services stick in the minds of your readers.

But what makes a successful Facebook post? The following pointers will help:

Target the right demographic
If your business is aimed at businessmen, use language and tone to suit, along with the appropriate content. Keep in mind that Facebook’s user demographics are changing at a rapid rate, so be sure to keep an eye on the changes – this way, your campaigns can evolve to suit.

Strong content
Be brief, conversational and direct. While Facebook posts may stick in users’ minds for longer, don’t forget that you have to capture their attention first. Go straight to the point and give people reason to return to your feed or subscribe to the page.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it
Facebook timelines are a great way of displaying images and videos, giving you the opportunity to have a content-rich gallery which sells your products and services. Update your profile picture, upload a cover photo and add company milestones to capitalise and give your users a chance to publicly connect.

-Eliza Sum

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  • Max Cleanse Reviews
    Max Cleanse Reviews
    20 Sep 2013

    This is my first time visit at here and i am in fact pleassant to read all at single place.

  • what to do when you have a panic attack
    what to do when you have a panic attack
    31 Mar 2013

    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  • Ellis
    07 Mar 2013

    Interesting post. Clearly rooted in some priciples of the marketing literature. Pretty much just the basics applied to a facebook post.

  • Ellis
    07 Mar 2013

    Yes the ideas in this blog clearly stem from much of the marketing literature. It covers pretty much all the basics when advising how to make a succesful post.

  • Melinda
    25 Feb 2013

    Visual images and videos definitely do play a strong part in being able to grab the user's attention. Even if the visualisation does not directly display or promote your product or service, an unexpectedly funny meme or the current YouTube sensation clip can do wonders for your brand. You need to draw the consumer in before you can get them involved. There is no point re-posting the exact same post or advertorial over and over again, it only serves to clutter up the user's newsfeed and if irritating enough, you may lose yet another follower.

    Keep it current and keep it direct if you want to keep the followers. If you can't beat them, join them. Check out the latest YouTube fad "Harlem Shake"... Maybe its time you and your colleagues get up on your desks and do the silly moves, you might just be a few clicks and 'likes' away from gaining increased brand awareness. Sea World San Antonio surely must be reaping in some rewards.

  • Emma
    06 Feb 2013

    I think social media is essential for a business success. It enables you to interect instantaneously and directly to your target market. I agree that facebook posts must be short and direct as I know when scrolling through my news feed I will skip the long winded paragraphs. I do think incorportating an image with the short facebook post will help with grabbing the attention of customers becuase when I scroll and I see an image ill take the senonds to take a look and if the image appeals to me i will read the status or comments. Where as just a post it is easier to skip over even thought it may appeal to me.

  • Owen
    04 Feb 2013

    I like the point about using images and videos to grab the viewers attention. When people are looking on their 'news feed' they will immediately be drawn towards the images and will easily skip over the long posts.

    Avoiding long posts is particularly important for the 'pages' on Facebook who are trying to increase their number of subscribers. Viewers want to know what the page is about in a couple of sentences maximum.

    It is also important to remember who you are speaking to. If the page is for younger people then using abbreviated language or 'text' language will probably appeal more to them. On the other hand, a business oriented audience would prefer professional language.

  • Patricia
    30 Jan 2013

    Interesting read and tips regarding using facebook to our advantage and the general statistics regarding how a status tends to stick in a person's mind longer than books or stranger's faces.