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How Social Media Campaigning = ROI

How Social Media Campaigning = ROI

Wina Slice of Thailand - Social Media Campaigning

The past few years has seen us as marketeers witness the tip of a technological iceberg. 

In a world where the word ‘Facebook’ is now as internationally recognised as the ‘Coca-Cola’ and ‘OK’ of yesteryear, we can conclude that social media and with it, social media campaigns, are the order of the day.  Businesses won’t maximise business without an effective social media presence - it is essential to play in today’s extremely competitive business environment and create long-lasting communications to build brand image and trust.

When a company is seen as being active across a social media platform, it is established as having its proverbial “finger on the pulse”of modern society.  It projects that the company has something to say, that it is part of the community – far more effective than simply a static web page.

 The Tourism Authority of Thailand is campaigning across social media at the moment, offering chances to win a range of goodies.  This social media campaign is active across Facebook and its interlinked Twitter account and accompanies its event counterpart in the entire campaign plan, where awareness was also spread.  The campaign objective is to increase ‘likes’, spreading awareness of Hug Thailand which will in turn benefit the entrant by offering the latest travel tips, deals and news, relating to The Land Of Smiles.  Clever.  Also effective - results were immediate once the campaign was launched across the social media platform – doing away with many geographical and communicative borders.

We know social media can
  1. increase your business’s trustworthiness and goodwill which will definitely translate to increased and better branding. When businesses are able to have conversations with their customers, the result is going to be a great amount of credibility.
  2. help your campaigns reach out to achieve targeted lead generation.
  3. make it easier and more flexible for your business to engage with customers. Crucial - this will help your business retain existing customers and of course increase your brand credibility.
  4. increase SEO - generating traffic to your website. Including links to your website will redirect users to your website where they may choose to look around - cross promotion.  Setting your website up with the likes of Google Analytics will also serve measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  5. save money on market research – as social media evolves, more advanced, back-end, user-friendly measures are available to gauge the success of your campaigns.  Used effectively, this can translate to what works and what doesn’t.
  6. improve your business through giving customers a voice.  Feedback helps to better your products based on what your customers require. Social media channels aid in making customer engagement possible and that customer feedback is available to use as basis for improvement.
  7. Save you some cash.  There is no better way or an even cheaper way than a social media channel when it comes to announcing new products or services for your company. Social media makes it easier to spread the news regarding a new product or service. You can even include information such as arrival or release dates.
  8. Enable intuition aligning with your customers’ requirements. Act based on what they want. By knowing their preferences, it will be much easier for you to enhance all of your products and plan your marketing campaigns more effectively.

So, in conclusion…  If roughly only one eighth of our technological iceberg is visible above the water and from this one eighth we can see all of these benefits, social media campaigning makes for an exciting time ahead!

Some points to remember when you’re planning your next social media campaign:

  1. Profile your target audience – speak to them.  People are inundated with sales material all day every day across the internet.  Offering something beneficial in a language that resonates is immeasurable.
  2. Put an expiration date on your campaign.  It’s important to create that sense of urgency for participation’s sake.  If something is for a ‘limited time’, entry is more emergent which translates to better results.
  3. Spread the word in your own backyard.  We have to crawl before we can walk and we all have Facebook friends.  Some of us 50, some of us 5,000.  Spread your campaign with friends that could benefit to start with.  The beauty of social media is that exposure is huge – through getting word out the right way, the target market will come to you instead of the other way around.
  4. Refresh.  Don’t expect to post up a great deal once and watch the response flood in.  Without spreading and increasing that awareness every day, your great deal becomes a great dream – a nice thought that’s otherwise unattainable (because people don’t know it exists!)

-    Sofia Margelis

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  • work from home with my computer
    work from home with my computer
    18 Aug 2014

    Hello there! This post couldn't bbe written much better!

    Looking through this article reminds mme of my previous roommate!
    He always kep talking about this. I'll forward this post to him.

    Fairly certain he'll have a very goood read.
    I appreciate you for sharing!

  • Daniella Beder
    Daniella Beder
    11 Apr 2013

    I agree with the advantages of social media that were highlighted in the blogThe modern consumer is a social media user. Consumers now have a voice as everything an organisation does is public knowledge. Social media is powerful in the sense that each individual consumer is given value. Organisations are establishing online communities and are having to respond more effectively and efficiently to consumers questions in order to keep up with competitors. Customer service is being revolutionised together with the modern consumer. Organisations are therefore provided with the challenge to keep up with digital demand so as to remain in line with modern consumer needs and wants

  • Will Bowman
    Will Bowman
    26 Mar 2013

    I really like this post as it underlines just how powerful a social media campaign can be to ANY business!

    When running an advertising campaign across numerous channels, demographics and locations, it becomes extremely important that it links back to a central, interactive hub. This is where social media can have a powerful effect, as it allows customers to interact with the brand on a more intimate level. Moreover, it allows the campaign to further its reach as more people interact with it over a social media platform, spreading the message without a high cost!

  • Thibault
    21 Mar 2013

    Social media is most definitely an effective and useful tool to release new services and products and keeping your customers up to date with your company's latest offerings.
    It is also incredibly powerful since you can gather a lot of feedback from them, ensuring that you are indeed delivering a premium service all the way through.
    One shouldn't also forget that you want to improve your clients/followers' lives: this not going to happen if you bombard them with sales; you want to be sure that you are giving them more than value, i.e. tips on how to save money, time, in other words make their life simpler and better. The whole point is to engage with them so as to increase your brand image and loyalty. People have to identify with your brand. Social medias for the first time allow small to large corporations to do so. Let's take advantage from it.