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Has Facebook Lost It's Cool?

Has Facebook Lost It's Cool?

There are 10 968 120 Facebook users in Australia accounting for 51.58% of the population - so why then, do I receive a call from Facebook to sell advertising from Malaysia.

Asha, the lovely girl that called, was very difficult to understand because of her accent. Not too dissimilar to the strong Australian accent being difficult to understand in other parts of the world, but nevertheless, almost impossible to clearly identify what Asha was trying to sell me. Eventually I worked it out, but the script she was using was so bad, that I am sure that the success rate of this campaign by Facebook will take a nose-dive, just like their share price.

I asked her to repeat herself more than 10 times which must have been as frustrating for her as it was for me.

Is Australia not big enough for Facebook to hire sales people/telemarketers in? Surely, given that we are the 19th ranked country for Facebook users worldwide that we are significant enough for Facebook to employ locally?

Asha asked if I would like to be appointed with an Account Manager for advertising on Facebook. No! If Facebook cannot employ a person living in Australia to work in sales, then I cannot support our advertising dollars going 100% off-shore. In this day and age, it is particularly important to support jobs in Australia.

What do you think? Is Facebook becoming less and less cool?

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  • Emma
    30 May 2012

    Facebook has never been cool at all. the thing that we think its cool about it is actually the interesting things tgat people share on it. However, this whole conversation that you had are you sure its not a scam? Facebook overtime will become like Google and it will exist in Australia as well. in my opinion I dont believe Facebook has hired someone from Malaysia to sell.