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Bribe or clever marketing?

Bribe or clever marketing?

Is it a bribe or clever promotion?

'Super Saturday' they call it. Woolworths is giving away $1 million dollars to shoppers through an instore promotion on Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Every 15 minutes, average and not so average Australians shopping in Woolworths have the chance to win $25 Gift Vouchers. The snag is, you have to be instore to win it.

Woolworth's, through their investment of $1 million in gift vouchers, will make $800 million according to ACA. PLUS, they have already received hundreds of thousands in free publicity on Channel 9 and other stations, and no doubt in the newspapers as the promotion unfolds.

Is it a BRIBE or is it clever marketing?

And... what about Coles selling Milk for $1. Was that a bribe too?

Clever marketing sometimes means that you have to give a little to get a return. Woolworths and Coles - great marketing!

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