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Growing your business - but not getting anywhere?

Growing your business - but not getting anywhere?

Thinking you know how to grow your business, and actually doing it is two very different things.

MANY ENTREPRENEURS are AWESOME at coming up with ideas - and good one's at that. But how many of us are actually able to execute our ideas in the way that we wanted to?

Today, I had the painful task of reading a marketing strategy that I wrote for Marketing Eye in 2003. As I flicked through page after page, I was completed gobsmacked by how many fantastic ideas I had way back before the business actually started. Some I had implemented - many I had not.

There are so many marketing activities that I should have done. I should have made time and put it on the top of my priority list. But I didn't. Why? Because I got busy doing the things that entrepreneurs do when they run a small business.

NOW, IF I HAD DONE ALL OF THESE THINGS, then my business would have grown a lot faster.

In fact, I would have been where I wanted to be from the very start.


So many things went wrong... but ultimately, I am responsible. GROWING YOUR BUSINESS isn't easy when real life red flags keep popping up. So, how do businesses grow?

1. They all have a strategy
2. They all have systems
3. They all have good people
4. They are sales focused
5. And brand focused
6. They don't think about it - they do it!
7. They deliver on what they say they will deliver on
8. They suck up to their clients
9. They make it very hard for clients to leave
10. They have a dream and they don't let ANYTHING stand in the way.

For Marketing Eye to GROW, GROW, GROW we need quality people. People who are brilliant at marketing and who are passionate about making a difference to a small business. They are few and far between and no matter what great ideas one might have about how to find these people, it's often one of the most difficult tasks. But we push through and continue to build upon our talented team with passionate people who want to 'show off' their amazing skills in all areas of marketing.

My 'to do list' keeps getting better, but after reading my marketing strategy from 2003, I am determined to not make the same mistakes twice. That means if I have a great idea, then it must happen.

What's your number one idea that you wished you had done in your business, that you didn't? How can you do it now? It's never too late!

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