The next extraordinary move that puts you out of your comfort zone will make you

The next extraordinary move that puts you out of your comfort zone will make you

An extraordinary thing happened yesterday. I saw someone through their eyes. Their vulnerability, insecurities, hopes and dreams - and their next move will define them more than they realise.

You get to a point in life when there a pivotal moments where the decisions you make can take you to a new level, or see you come tumbling down. The rambling inside your head plays havoc with the choices that lay in front of you, and all you can do is try to find the logic in what needs to be done to get to the other side.

Being vulnerable shows that you are human. It's a trait that I like a lot in people and rarely do we get to see those around us expose themselves in that way. But if you understand what makes you vulnerable, you will be able to work on yourself and handle things in life as they come, with more assurance.

Everyone is insecure in some way. I am. Things that make me insecure are fairly basic:

  • That people see me as a failure. I don't know why, but sometimes I feel like I am not living up to expectations.
  • That people see me as a success. Once again, this tag is so loaded. What is success? Success means so many different things to so many different people. From a business perspective, I have achieved more than I set out to, but personally, I'm not successful. I haven't accomplished the things I thought I would have, but there still is time to do so and hope.
  • That I am not perfect. No-one is. I know this to be true, but deep down I want to always do things right.
  • Milestones are sometimes not met and that makes me feel like perhaps I am not good enough.
  • Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Easter. If only they all could go away. 

There are so many things to be insecure about but then there is the other side and my forties have taught me this:

  • I look how I look because that is how I am meant to look. I would like to lose a few kilos, but I am not psycho enough to think that I am fat. I am not.
  • You can dress me up for any occasion and I can walk into that room knowing that there will be a seat for me at the table because I deserve to be there.
  • The seat at the table is more prominent than in my twenties or thirties - how awesome is that!
  • I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, as long as I work hard and keep that goal in my mind reminding myself of it each and every day. 
  • I am who I am and my personality is pretty much set in stone. If you don't like me, then that is more than ok. We don't all have chemistry with every person on the planet. 
  • I believe that you can always improve yourself by reading, listening and growing as an individual. 
  • There is no such thing as "can't".
  • My life is full of choices and sometimes I will make good one's and sometimes I will make not so good one's.
  • Cherish the people in your life but know that they are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If someone isn't there for a lifetime, then that's ok.
  • Rid yourself of anyone negative; workplace, home, life. The moment I made a decision to cut people out of my life that are negative, unkind, selfish, self-centred and just mean to me or others - I stopped having any drama in my life. Amazing huh!

My next move with Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketer is defining for both businesses. I have choices to make and I really hope that I make them count. I have people that rely on me and want to take this journey - and I want it to be the ride of their lives. They are all in. I am all in. It's just remarkable to be around. 

Life is meant to challenge you. Don't take a door shutting as the worse thing to happen. Take it as a blessing in disguise or something that you can learn from. If you handle yourself less than well in a situation, remember what it felt like and how you could have done better. Then next time, take yourself back to that memory and try in earnst to have a better outcome.

Life is meant to be extraordinary. Don't chose the ordinary version.

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  • Annika
    26 Sep 2018

    This blog is strikingly raw and inviting as it not only accepts human flaws, but embraces them. The catching opening lines present how the topic of vulnerability is relevant in professional life and extremely important to understanding the client. Without vulnerability, so much of a person is lost along with their ability to grow, learn, and connect with others. By sharing her own vulnerabilities to the audience that could be anyone from a potential customer to a total stranger, Mellissah is taking a personal risk. A risk that ultimately inspires others to trust her and join her in exposing vulnerability.

  • Claudia
    27 Aug 2018

    I always feel insecure about a lot of things (my English, people's expectation, being a failure, fat, and so forth) but I'm trying to fix it as best as I can by getting out of my bubble (safe-zone). To be honest, it's hard, but even though you embarrass yourself, don't get discouraged and try it again until you can.

  • Clipping Path Service
    Clipping Path Service
    24 Aug 2018

    I really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  • Ute-Eleonore
    21 Aug 2018

    Making mistakes is part of our daily life. But the challenge is to learn from them and do better the next time. I enjoyed reading this post because it showed me that I am not the only one having sometimes struggles with myself and trying to be perfect. But what is perfect?! Everybody has a different opinion about being perfect. Therefore, it is very important to be happy with who you are and realise of what you are actually capable of!

  • Angie
    21 Aug 2018

    Everyone is insecure for some aspect of their life, either for their career, choices, appearance etc. I believe that this is totally logical and they are part of shifting out of your comfort zone!

  • Maud
    16 Aug 2018

    I think challenges are opportunities to learn and growth, ever if it can be under difficult times, it's our job to make something good getting out of it! “Comfort zones are where dreams got to die.”