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Why women are a marketer's top target audience

Why women are a marketer's top target audience

Analyst group Merrill Lynch recently found that spending among women in the US is a staggering $5 trillion dollars a year.

Just as important, is that whilst women determine their own spending habits, they also influence men's spending habits.

The questuon is, how do marketers target such a powerful demographic.

A recent study commissioned by Meredith (see infograph above) and conducted by research firm Insights in Marketing, determined just how targeted marketers need to be in delivering messages to this influential demographic. The study of more than 2,500 women between the ages 18-67 years, identified preferred channels, digital preferences and the kinds of content they're likely to pass on.

This research report is designed for marketers to help them ascertain the best channels for influencing women's buying patterns. And it seems social media is the key.

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