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Why marketing internships in Sydney are worth it

Why marketing internships in Sydney are worth it

The choice to do an internship or not is really up the to the individual in Australia. In Europe and most of the US, it is compulsory.

There have always been these war stories of how interns have had to do the lamest of tasks; dropping off drycleaning, cleaning the kitchen, filing for days on end. But it's not all war stories and I can assure you that our interns at Marketing Eye do not have to do that at all.

What they spend their time on depends on what they want to get out of an internship. If they are seeking to become marketing strategists, they work on marketing strategies, or if they want to be a public relations expert, then the work on PR campaigns. If they are looking for an all-round experience, they are most likely to work on what we call our on-boarded internship program covering all areas of the marketing mix.

What we try to do is work to the strengths of the interns who are at Marketing Eye. If they are great writers, then we encourage them to write blogs and hopefully get tens of thousands of hits, so they can put this success story on their CV's or LinkedIn if they prefer.

Being an intern is about learning and development. Seeing what the real world is like in an operating business. The highs and lows, successes and failures.

The most important thing that an intern can get out of their internship is an experience that will take them to the next level and help them identify if this is in fact the path that they intend on heading down.

Interns at Marketing Eye in Sydney and Melbourne do:

  • Development of first stage marketing strategies
  • Sit in on marketing workshops
  • Develop media campaign
  • Learn the tricks of how to pump up a social media account
  • Develop social media calendars
  • Work from start to finish on direct marketing campaigns
  • Write blogs, brochures and content for various platforms
  • Design first drafts of websites
  • General marketing activities
Our internship program for marketers is one of the best and it really ensures that marketing interns are ready to take the next step whether its with us or in another field.

We welcome interns from all over the world; Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denmark, Rome, Milan, Toronto, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world.

We also have many interns from Sydney and Melbourne Universities that are amazing and often end up working for us.

If you are thinking about doing an internship, consider this:

  • What do you want to get out of it?
  • What company culture will be a best fit for you?
  • Does it work towards you achieving your degree?
  • What is your motivation?
  • What habits do you need to have to successfully complete the internship?
  • How do you make sure that everyone in the company know who you are, where you are from and  what type of internship you are completing?
These questions are important to ask yourself. 

Good luck!

P.S. Apply for interships in Sydney and Melbourne on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Carol
    28 Nov 2017

    I love how detailed this post is on internships specifically with Marketingeye. Pursuing an internship can be both exciting and daunting, this kind of information definitely lessens the 'daunting' aspect of this new journey!

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    Benefits of Email Marketing
    06 Oct 2015

    Yes! Finally something about Business Email.

  • Email Monetization
    Email Monetization
    02 Oct 2015

    Thanks for finally writing about >Why marketing internships in Sydney are worth it -
    Marketing Eye

  • Paul Conley
    Paul Conley
    01 Oct 2015

    You look so young in that photo, Is that really you , No it can't be . I always enjoy your blogs , Over my social media time in blogging I look at all media outlets and see what is really hot , you lure the numbers in by trending topics , Cheers Fit and Alive at 105, Hot Hot Hot