Why having a marketing workshop with all internal stakeholders can be game changing

Why having a marketing workshop with all internal stakeholders can be game changing

Over the past few months, Marketing Eye has hosted hundreds of marketing workshops. There have been many reasons for that, but mostly, companies are keen to start 2019 off strong. To do that, they need to get all of their key people in one room (or on one call) and go through their business objectives, sales goals and marketing activities for the year ahead.

There are many reasons as to why marketing workshops are so powerful for those who participate, but namely, it is simply because everyone gets to have their say, and to be challenged. The most effective marketing workshops are when not everyone agrees, because healthy debate leads to great outcomes.

What is most important is that everyone in the room understands where the company is going and how they want to get it there. That one singular vision for the company and complete buy-in is imperative to success and company culture. If everyone is on the one page, it is easy to achieve company goals. If they are not, it's a shit fight.

The best marketing workshops:

Have a facilitator: Someone that is truly independent to the business that has been given the freedom to give feedback based on experience when necessary. They are also important to keep everyone on track and to work out what is most important for the company and what can be put to the way-side (at least for now). The marketing workshop facilitator must be qualified in marketing strategy consulting. If they are not, they will not be able to add the value needed to get the most out of the marketing workshop.

Give freedom to the people participating:

No-one should be restricted from saying what they want to say, even if the main characters don't agree. They should be given the freedom to say exactly what they think without repercussion. 

Leave ego at the door:

It is important that people are psyched up for the marketing workshop. That means that they are aware that at times people will say things they don't agree with, and perhaps may say things that are directed at them. For example, they may say that a marketing campaign failed and the company should not have wasted their money on it. This is not personal. It is simply someone's opinion and it may be based on facts, or may not be. In any case, it is the job of the marketing department to "sell" marketing throughout the organisation, and as much as we love wins, there will be losses, so that too needs communicating. Also, ensure participants with strong personalities who like hearing their own voice have a quiet talking to prior to entering a marketing workshop. You don't want them rail-roading the workshop where others cannot get a word in edge-ways.

Come prepared:

Give everyone a checklist of things to look at, think about, and have opinions on. This will allow everyone to be ready to give the marketing workshop their best shot.

Have outcomes established at the marketing workshop:

Marketing Eye provides companies with a 40 page marketing strategy powered by Robotic Marketer after each workshop. This is important to giving all stakeholders the blueprint for their marketing activities for the next 12 months. We do both the workshop and the marketing strategy for just $1,950 which ensures that every company can afford to have a marketing strategy in place for the year ahead.

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  • Hellen
    29 Nov 2018

    This is a fantastic idea! As a current marketing student working in hospitality I think the business would really benefit from a marketing workshop. Especially when substantial funds are put into new projects, all the important stakeholders should get the chance to voice their concerns and feedback.