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Business Marketing Strategy

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Are you tired of not seeing results from your marketing efforts? Do you have great marketing ideas, but never get around to seeing them realised? Are you in need of a lead generation team to drive new clients to your business?

As Australia's leading outsourced marketing services company, we are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their business and sales goals. Our experienced team of marketers, graphic designers, lead generation and digital marketing specialists have industry specific experience to drive better results.

Why Choose Marketing Eye?

  • Proven track record: Our team has a proven model that helps businesses drive better results from marketing investment.
  • Results-driven approach: Our focus is always on delivering results, achieving KPI’s and helping you achieve your goals.
  • Use of technology: We use technology to fast-track performance, efficiency and growth for your business.
  • Affordable pricing: For as little as $1.5k-$6k per month, you can benefit from a 100% inhouse marketing team to drive your marketing programs.

Make 2023 your best year yet. Set marketing goals, run regular lead generation campaigns, continually build your brand and see the results in your sales figures.

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* Note: For government grants covering marketing strategies and social media strategies, we are happy to accommodate the requirements.

Experienced Team

Marketing Eye has an experienced team of marketers that excel in brand building, lead generation, website development and digital marketing.

1,000 Marketing strategies under our belt 

With few Australian companies able to take credit for more than 100 marketing strategies under their belt, Marketing Eye is unsurpassed in the industry, with deeper competitor and market insights powering your go-to-market plan.

Technology Partner

Robotic Marketer is the world's first automated marketing strategy platform. It produces marketing strategies more indepth and fact based, with greater analytics and research than any human could possibly produce - all in minutes. Exclusive to Marketing Eye.

Customer Focus

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, delivering on goals and surpassing expectations.

Tactically aligned

This is no singular overarching marketing plan without real tangible marketing tactics behind it. Instead, you will find a tactically aligned marketing strategy full of key recommendations and deliverables. We have the people to implement your strategy.

Digital Marketing Genius

We use data to drive lead generation campaigns, social media content and Adwords/PPC. With a 'marketing eye' your business will always be on the front-foot.

Our clients range from SMB's to Enterprise

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Our customers are our biggest fans.

Andrew Norman
Having worked with Marketing Eye and Sofia for the last 4 months, I can honestly say no problem has been too hard to resolve and no question left unanswered. Sofia has been invaluable in assisting us in the launch of our new business and given us great advice and ideas to market our product. She is always bright, cheerful and gets back to you exactly when she says she will. Something that is all too rare in business at times. I was recently struggling with the imagination to put together a blog to go onto our new website. I contacted Sofia and within an hour had scripted a fantastic article absolutely nailing the subject matter. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Sofia and Marketing Eye to any organisation looking to successfully market their business. Andrew Norman Woodbridge Consulting
David East
Delivery Quote Compare partnered with Marketing Eye to manage the marketing and PR for our International Expansion. Starting from scratch moving into the Australian market, Marketing Eye have proven to be invaluable to our launch and growth. Mellissah and the team have provided enormous support, technical expertise and dedication. Their knowledge and capabilities have given us all the tools to launch an effective campaign and build our business. Marketing Eye not only understand our business and our objectives but also embrace new ideas and technology ensuring our message is not only created but delivered in the right format to our target audience. David East Managing Director
Jason Reading
After researching, viewing and meeting with a number Marketing Companies I found Mellissah, her team and their service offering to be far superior to any other. She is an extremely efficient professional with an enthusiastic personality to match. Not only are Mellissah and Marketing Eye helping us to promote our exciting business expansions, especially developments in Comcity Cloud Hosting and our new Software Solutions but they have also supported our recruitment needs, assisting us in sourcing and training a new Marketing Executive. Her professionalism and attention to detail is commendable and we enjoy an excellent work relationship with Mellissah and her team. Comcity love working with Marketing Eye because it means dealing with very creative people, no time wasting and overall, a valuable experience. I would certainly recommend Mellissah and Marketing Eye for a remarkable, impressive service. Jason Reading Comcity Technology
Chris Reynolds
Our brand and website were looking a bit tired and old – we had tried to update ourselves but we just didn’t have the know-how. We came across Julie and the rest of the team from Marketing Eye and things started happening right away! Within days we had a new brand direction, a new modern looking and useable web design and a solid marketing plan – exactly what we needed. Thanks for the direction! Chris Reynolds Managing Director
Johnny Sukkar
I had been procrastinating about a new brand and logo for our business for over 2 years. When I finally decided to enlist help from the team at Marketing Eye, I wished I had done so a long time ago. After the first consultation I left the Marketing Eye office with the feeling that I had not only made the right decision but also that I was in good hands. I was impressed by the process and structure they employed to unearth the vision I had for my business, a vision I had sometimes struggled to visualise myself. They really had their finger on the pulse, from creativity to ensuring we had the essential tools to give our business a competitive edge. They worked with me to ensure the finished product was not only to my satisfaction but also reflected our vision and integrity. The genuine interest they showed in our business and desire to help us reach our goals is not only to the individuals and their professionalism, but also a reflection of the Marketing Eye philosophy. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services, in fact I think there a lot of companies that could benefit from a ‘marketing eye’. Johnny Sukkar Mint Money
Brendan Booth & Warwick Peel
We first heard about Marketing Eye some years ago, and were consistently impressed by the quality of Mellissah's blogs, her marketing & design ideas and forever upbeat attitude. When we wanted a new and updated website, we made sure we spoke to her. To be honest though, we still did our due diligence and met with three firms before making our decision. Mellissah is exactly the same in person as her social persona. She's great! She blew us away with her ideas for our website which fit neatly into our social networking strategy, our ideal brand image, and the look and feel of the company as we really are. When you couple that with the price (which was amazing, but not our only criterion), we simply had to use Marketing Eye. The process was seamless, we had an incredibly fast turnaround, and the result was everything we'd hoped for. We're stunned. The website is excellent. It's exactly what we had conceptualised. I would absolutely recommend Marketing Eye to any business - small or large - that needed an expert look at their design and marketing strategy. Brendan Booth & Warwick Peel Pb Human Capital
Todd Emmert
Qube has been working with Marketing Eye for over 3 years now. Marketing Eye looks after all our marketing needs. They have helped us develop our brand into the position it's in today and they support us with our marketing strategies to ensure that we are communicating effectively with our key stakeholders and customers, employees and por suppliers to ensure that they understand that as Qube grows what that means for them so that we can maximise value of the additional investments. I would personally recommend Marketing Eye to any organisation. For Qube, the value is that we don't have any internal marketing team. We get the benefit of Marketing Eye's experience from providing marketing strategies to a range of different organisations that ensures us that our marketing material is cutting edge at all stages. Todd Emmert Qube
Star Source has worked with Marketing Eye for over 2 years – they turned our logo and website ideas into the highly creative and professional end result. We still attract comments on how perfectly aligned they are to who we are and what we do. Julie, Miroslav and the team have continued to assist us on a variety of fronts from the creation of a twitter page, build of a branded SEEK template, targeted industry marketing and email hosting. We are very happy with our association with Marketing Eye. Stephanie Star Source

Some of the world's most successful business have chosen Marketing Eye to develop their marketing strategies, but that's not where we have made our biggest mark.

We have delivered results-orientated, marketing strategies to companies in the areas of professional services, technology, manufacturing, health, medical, FMCG, tourism, logistics, utilities, energy and many other industry sectors.

Marketing Eye is experienced and benefits from the best marketing strategy automation technology in the world. Our aim is to deliver cost effective marketing strategies to businesses regardless of their size.

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What You Can Expect

Marketing Consulting

Every client works with an experienced marketing consultant, skilled across the industry of our clients. They are not only degree qualified, but have been trained by international marketer, Mellissah Smith, on all facets of the marketing mix.

Outsourced Marketing Services

We help our clients as an outsourced marketing team or on projects that require dedicated attention. With marketing, graphic design, branding, advertising, web, digital marketing and influencer communications skills all in-house, we are guaranteed to help your business reach its goals.

Lead Generation

Marketing Eye has a disciplined lead generation marketing campaign program designed for maximum results. Benefit from email marketing campaigns, social media, LinkedIn lead generation and Adwords/PPC advertising. Our team will help fill your sales funnel fast.

Website Development

In-house, Australian web development team is essential to building sustainable marketing for companies looking to use their digital presence as a platform for lead generation. If your website isn't generating you leads and building out your database, speak to us today!