Business Marketing Strategy 2020

Business Marketing Strategy 2020

Use the power of technology to achieve your marketing goals!

Get the competitive advantage you need using the power of cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, data scraping, data science and data mining. We make it easy. We also provide an in-depth 40+ page marketing strategy. Think of it like your comprehensive road map, guiding you through the major marketing areas of your business.

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Real estate, Government Health, Professional Services, Industry Association, FMCG

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IT, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Online business, MTA


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Marketing Strategy, Corporate Communications, Lead Generation, Leadership Training and Development




Health education, Not for profits, Startups

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40+ Page Marketing Strategies $4,950

With more than 1,000 marketing strategies completed, Marketing Eye is looking to help businesses with a marketing strategy in place. For $4,950 we will conduct a marketing workshop and develop a marketing plan.

It's not too late!

There is never a better time to write your 2020 marketing strategy then when you are hitting the year's end and getting ready for 2020.

1,000 Marketing strategies under our belt 

Marketing Eye's team of marketing managers are exceptional and as a company we have extensive experience. I am talking about more than 1,000 strategies over 14 years. To make them more powerful, we developed the world's first Robotic Marketer; more intuitive, deep diving into big data and analytics-based. 


Robotic Marketer is the world's first automated marketing strategy platform. It produces marketing strategies more indepth and fact based, with greater analytics and research than any human could possibly produce - all in minutes. Benefit from knowing your customers better and your competitors every move. 

Incredible detail 

With your marketing business plan, anyone can implement. Basically this marketing strategy has so much detail that you can choose to use inhouse resources, freelancers or agencies - the choice is really yours.

Tactically aligned

This is no singular overarching marketing plan without real tangible marketing tactics behind it. Instead, you will find a tactically aligned marketing strategy full of key recommendations and deliverables.

Actions behind every marketing tactic

Having marketing actions is one thing, but having the tactical delivery of marketing, public relations, web and advertising deliverables is what will ensure that your company uses this marketing strategy to grow your business.

We've worked with small and large companies, with great success

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Hundreds of companies are thrilled with the results

“We were impressed with the breadth and depth of the strategy that flowed from Robotic Marketer,
it is comprehensive and informative.”

Mark Uren

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Some of the world's most successful business have chosen Marketing Eye to develop their marketing strategies, but that's not where we have made our biggest mark.

We have delivered results-orientated, marketing strategies to companies in the areas of professional services, technology, manufacturing, health, medical, FMCG, tourism, logistics, utilities, energy and many other industry sectors.

Marketing Eye is experienced and benefits from the best marketing strategy automation technology in the world. Our aim is to deliver cost effective marketing strategies to businesses regardless of their size.


What you can expect

Sign up NOW!

Once you sign up with Marketing Eye to develop your marketing strategy, we are able to start our administrative process. It's quite simple to do, just click here.

Date Set

With the admin completed, and payment made, we set a date for a marketing workshop. This can be done in our offices, or online through a meeting, or via skype or even if you prefer telephone. 

Marketing Workshop 

Set aside 3 hours for a structured marketing workshop which deep dives into your business plan, sales and marketing objectives; then more tactical marketing outcomes such as brand, public relations, communications, direct marketing, digital marketing, social media, events, tradeshows, advertising, website, marketing automation etc. 

Preparation is Key 

Working effectively and efficiently means that we will need to know a few things about you before you start the workshop. Expect a very simple checklist that will fast-track our ability to do market research prior to the workshop, and be super prepared to add value throughout the entire workshop and beyond.

Marketing Strategy Development 

Marketing Eye will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your company focused on your key sales and marketing objectives, complete with key actions, key performance indicators and basically an easy to understand blueprint for marketing over the next 12 months. 

Robotic Marketer 

While Robotic Marketer beta site is not ready until late November, we will use componentry to ensure that your marketing strategy is data rich, powerful and your competitors secrets are out in the open. It's our secret sauce that will only get better over time.

Marketing Strategy Presentation

There is nothing worse than receiving a 40 page document in your inbox without someone talking you through it so you can ask questions and understand its contents. Expect a senior marketing manager to run through the marketing strategy we have developed for you. 

Key Actions

What's next? Easy, this marketing strategy comes with set key actions under every tactical area of marketing as well as key performance indicators and goals. We make it easy for someone inhouse to implement, or your agency, a freelancer or if you like, Marketing Eye. 

Start Today

No matter whether you are a startup or mature business looking for high growth, start today by signing on for a powerful marketing workshop with your team.