What it takes to land that 'dream job'

What it takes to land that 'dream job'

Our jobs are a necessity in life. Yes, I know what your thinking. What a way to state the obvious, we need a job for the bills to be paid, mouths to be fed, yet our jobs can be exhausting and far from what we believe as a 'dream'.
This is what makes a dream job so significant. To be able to do what you enjoy, love and have a strong drive for and also be paid; let’s be honest, it doesn’t even sound like work. So how do you land your dream job? You can tirelessly prepare for interviews, make a killer resume, get stellar recommendations, yet it all boils down to a few simple factors.

The passion inside of us all
We hear it all the time, intertwined within the newspapers to even our next-door neighbours, we all need to discover that thing that leaves our bellies hot with a flaming passion, motivation and drive from within. Landing the job of your dreams is no easy feat, it comes with a bucket load of blood, sweat, and tears, though in the end, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people have dreams, but few go out and chase them. So, come on get your skates on!

Our mistakes
Making mistakes is one of the human races’ most beautiful traits and flaws. It is our bravery and internal strength to keep on fighting for our passion that will see us succeed and ultimately discover that 'dream job’. Especially in the marketing industry, we all make wild and crazy mistakes, though if we never experience the making of mistakes how could we possibly grow as not only a person but to as a Marketer.

Now is the perfect time to jump out of your comfort zone and into a dream job. A lot of the time, the only thing stopping us from attaining and reaching for our dreams, ultimately is our self.

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comments ( 2 )
  • Pauline
    08 Mar 2019

    Good article, the points mentioned are very accurate!

  • Léo
    04 Mar 2019

    I agree with all the points. Dream job, success and well-being at work are accessible to all. However, you need to work hard, have courage, know who you are, develop your skills and dare to achieve these goals. Deciding to get the job of your dreams is a difficult path, but it is the price you pay to improve your quality of life now and in the future.