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Think about your brand as a person

Think about your brand as a person

This morning I was chatting to my creative director about a client. I was reminded that as a marketer, we often forget about the small things that make our client’s brands so special and unique because we are too busy doing rather than looking at the brand through pictures.

“Think about a brand as a person. How do they dress? Do they dress differently for different occasions? Do they have fun with the way they dress or do they have a ’serious’ hat on?”

Every business owner would know that soaking in the true essences of your brand on a daily basis can sometimes get cluttered. With accounts to pay, hiring and firing staff, selling your services and products – there is alot to get weighed down with.  If everyday you take time out to think about your brand and how your brand is dressing for each particular occasion, somehow your brand will get a lot more personality and you can have a lot of fun with it.

Sit down with your staff and create a ‘mood’ board together with pictures that depict your brand and the way it dresses for every occasion and see the change in your staff and the way they see your brand.

Do you have a mood board for your brand? Has every person who works for you seen it? Do you think it is necessary to have a mood board? Are you and your customers engaging in your brand the way you want them to?

When exploring a brand Marketing Eye recommends the use of a Moodboard which will articulate the brand’s visual language, how it’s presented, and how it connects with the audience.

It is a high-level, over-arching view, exploration and representation of the visceral impact of the brand concept. The Moodboard evokes the emotional, visceral, and user-benefit communication and brand perception elements and delivers it in a way that can be easily digested, extrapolated, and applied in real-world designs.

The Moodboard is a affordable way to discover your brand’s visual language. Multiple iterations are easily implemented during Moodboard creation and finalization. The deliverable is then a baseline that is available for all subsequent design phases. It is the first step in engendering a communication system with meaning to which the user will become connected.

Moodboards follow the strategic goals of the company and provide a visual base for the identity, design, and the user experience going forward which includes:
  • Hooking in the user emotionally
  • Presenting the Brand value through pictures
  • Presenting the message that the company wants to communicate
  • Creating the visual language of the company

The moodboard direction can be applied to the entire suite of company communications.

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