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One day you may be stalking your clients prospect, next day ...

One day you may be stalking your clients prospect, next day ...

Right now Marketing Eye has such an amazing team. I don't say that lightly, as to be frank, this has not always been the case. We are growing exponentially with more leads than one can handle, and as such have not one, but nine positions available.

Hiring people hasn't always been my strength. I much prefer our team to choose the people they want to work with. This mostly works a treat and it certainly helps to breeding a positive, fun-filled culture.

But growth changes things. It means that there are more people in the office, a lot more noise and of course, knowledge. The more people we have in the office, the more we each can grow. 

So, we are asking the thousands of people who read our blog each week to think about whether a job at Marketing Eye is one that may fit their career progression.

The good

If you are talented, you will go all the way and literally can be anything you want to be. We love intelligence and self starters who are ambitious and cheeky. Attention to detail is a must but for most who choose this path, it's a given. Marketing Eye is collaborative. We share ideas locally and internationally and are in the process of implementing a knowledge bank that will keep you thoroughly entertained and educated - all at the same time.

We don't mind a glass of vino at lunch on a hot Friday, but mostly we like to sit in the park and chew the fat. 

Our clients are diverse in everyway. We have everything from health practitioners through to professional services firms, educators and tech developers. Some clients make pumps while other make juices or clothing. No marketing manager will ever be bored, but you will be busy. If you are organised you will almost never work a minute of overtime allowing for plenty of work life balance.

We have a flat organisational structure, so that means you don't have a manager, but plenty of mentors and people to go to for advice. 

Our strategic training program is second to none. It's what we use for licensees and marketers. If learnings not your thing - this isn't the company for you.

You will learn every single area of marketing and communications and the practical application of an entire marketing plan. 

But mostly, you will see passion and performance like you have never seen before. We love what we do and are all so proud of our brand. Who wouldn't be. There is nothing average about Marketing Eye; outsourced marketing, magazine, media, social media, technology, training and licensing - we do it all, inhouse. 

The bad

We don't look favourably on job hoppers. I know you probably have lots of excuses, but we feel that if you hop around too much, you aren't that committed to being good at what you do.

We work hard, so not doing your job isn't quite an option here.

There's a dog in our office. She is the Chief Barking Officer. It's nice if you like her. Check out her Instagram account: thereal_pippasmith to get a taste of what she is really like.

You need to know a lot and what you don't know, you need to have the confidence to put your hand up and ask for help or training. 

We use Marketo and every marketing person at Marketing Eye is required to learn how to use it so that you can be on top of marketing automation benefits for companies that are suited to this technology platform.

The ugly

We each have each other's back. If you are not a team player... then it's ugly. Everyone here plays ball and when we catch it, we pass it until someone shoots a goal.


Marketing Manager: This is a senior position for someone who would like to work with 12 clients across multiple industry sectors. Remuneration: $100,000
Marketing Executive (2 positions): You need to have a degree and at least one year experience where you haven't changed jobs. Remuneration: $55,000


Marketing Manager: This senior position is for a marketing manager experienced in the health sector. Must have strategic and tactical marketing experience: Remuneration: negotiable.
Inside Sales Executive (2 positions): This role is for a marketing graduate who would like to move up to a Marketing Executive position within 6 to 12 months and work on client accounts. Remuneration: $45,000


Web developer: Must be able to develop websites in Joomla and Wordpress. Remuneration: negotiable
Inside Sales Executive: Great position for a marketing graduate who seeks to be a marketing manager one day. Remuneration: negotiable
Graphic designer: This job has lots of variety. The graphic designer must be a self starter and want to show off their amazing design skills to the rest of the world. Remuneration: negotiable.

For job descriptions for any of these positions, please send an email introducing yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Anita Potucek
    Anita Potucek
    03 Jun 2015

    This is such a fantastic description of your working environment. With the ability to dive into such a wide range of work in so many different areas, I can't see why anyone wouldn't be in it for the long haul. This is not a company where the employees come and go with no intent of doing anything outside of their job description. To embrace the entire company and know the ins and outs of every team and position; thats exactly what I'm looking for in my career.

    Hope to join you all!