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Next year isn't last year - something to think about

Next year isn't last year - something to think about

Many businesses were in rebuild mode last year and are slowly creaping back from the economic turmoil of the last few years. It's been trying times and like most entrepreneurs, I am cautious about what lays ahead.

A reluctance to too much risk in the business is something that has held me back time and time again - and with good reason. I want to scream from the rooftops that I am ready and prepared to take risks to achieve my ultimate goals, but I know that it is fortuitous that I hold back and think through things a bit more deeply.

Life has been hectic

Life has been hectic. Business is booming. Growth in every market is taking control of the business in a way that excites me but also creates fear. The unknown outcomes always sits deeply in the back of mind creating a stir that I would like to subside because I ultimately know that I have no control over some outcomes. But growing does that. Building a business isn't easy, nor is it cheap. It comes with many different aspects, all of which need managing.

Training wheels are off

My training wheels were off a long time ago in business, but I am still at primary school. I haven't made it yet to high school level, but I know I will sooner rather than later.

Right now, we are developing our 2015/16 business plan and marketing strategy. I feel that by July 1 we will be ready to put in place a more aggressive marketing strategy, and start pushing the business to the next level. 

After hiring a manager in the US to run the operations and marketing efforts for that region, I can now focus on working back "on" the business and creating new product lines. 

Education is core

Education is going to be core to our brand moving forward and establishing a publishing arm for marketing content is integral to our business evolves. 

The new business environment is fluid and as such, we too need to be the same way. Capturing greater marketshare will be done differently than we have done so before. Our investment in technology is quadripling and with good reason. Without tech savvy marketers - Marketing Eye would no longer be relevant. Old school marketers are a dying breed and we don't want to die alongside them. Staying ahead of the game and showing our innovative flair across all marketing mediums is essential.

Our ability to deliver best of breed marketing programs to companies seeking high growth is our bread and butter. It is what makes Marketing Eye an industry leader and innovator. 

So, what we were doing last year, won't be on the agenda this year. We are open to new possibilities!

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comments ( 2 )
  • ramet
    27 Apr 2015

    Interesting article, nice to read, thanks!

  • Emma
    26 Apr 2015

    I agree, it's an ever changing landscape when it comes to marketing, both offline and online. I feel that those people and agencies that are constantly evolving, learning and adapting will be the ones that are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors. Well done for making education such an important part of your business.