How marketers will be forced to be more nimble

How marketers will be forced to be more nimble

Game on. Marketers have not only had to turn to technology to power their marketing performance and stay clear of traditional marketing methods to a large degree, they now are needing to be more nimble when it comes to the purse strings.

With the rise of Robotic Marketers technology, marketers are being forced to adjust marketing strategies according to cash flow, profitability of product and service lines, changes in business strategy, crisis management and more. Never before has marketing had to take such dramatic action and use flexibility in the way they operate, than today.

With Robotic Marketers financial platform integrated into its marketing strategy technology, machine learning has been given a curve ball and the accountability of marketing has reached a new height.

This is music to the ears of Chief Revenue Officers, CEO's and Managing Directors, but for marketers, it's uncomfortable. Having conversations internally and externally about what they can spend and can't spend each quarter has restricted their ability to secure long-term contracts with third-parties and turned the industry upside down.

Where it will go from here, no-one knows, but marketing departments have never before had to be so versatile with data determining their every move. 

I'm in Sydney today and thoroughly enjoying the conversation with our marketing team on accountability of marketing efforts. I know our clients will appreciate this no end, and eventually marketers will find that they love it too.

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  • Natsumi Otera
    Natsumi Otera
    29 Oct 2018

    Marketers have to adjust marketing strategies flexibly. By doing this , they can take proper steps to meet the situation.