How blogging can benefit your business?

How blogging can benefit your business?

Blogging is essential for each and every business, especially within this day and age. Most businesses underestimate the importance and added value blogging brings to the table for both your customers and your stakeholders.

Blogs aren't just a couple of paragraphs thrown together on a word document. Though rather they are a gateway for outsiders to grasp an insight into your business world, encouraging the formation of personal and intimate connections. Blogging is no new tool to arrive in the marketing scene, its presence has been known since the early 1990s and its strength and force has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. 

Explore the greatest benefits blogging can have on your business! 

Skyrocket your SEO 

SEO should not be spoken about lightly, its importance and potential impact on the success and reach of your audience is astronomical. Let me break it down for you, when your business rights a blog, the specific and targeted keywords intertwined within it enables your SEO to increase up to the top of the Google page allowing your customers to access your provided content with ease and allow for further engagement.

Create engaging content 

Without a doubt, content has become all the rage, businesses are thirsty for engaging, informative and somewhat game-changing and edgy content. Blogs enable the sharing of businesses most creative and knowledge worthy thoughts to your targeted audience. This makes way for incredibly engaging content on your social media platforms that will ultimately draw your viewers back to your website.

Grow a database

Prompting your readers to subscribe is a simple and efficient way to expand and grow your email list. Collecting their emails can translate into a quick and rapid email database that can further target their specific and individualised needs and desires. This email list may very well be the starting point for an array of various and very much important touch points with your audience.

Blogging is not just about writing a couple of paragraphs and publishing them on your website. Though rather, the benefits are obtained when blogging is fully utilised. Don't forget that blogging can essentially divert traffic and increase sales for your business as well as building a level of trust with your audience.

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  • Anne
    18 Apr 2019

    Marketing Eye's blogs are really useful, I like to read and implement them in my work.
    But I think writing skills are essential to write great content.

  • Michael Virga
    Michael Virga
    15 Apr 2019

    Perfectly said! In today's highly globalised workplace, the means of blogging is crucial for any companies success and brand! Great stuff!

  • Pauline
    08 Mar 2019

    Blogging is important! Lets people see another part of your business personality! It is a very useful marketing tool!