Coachella is a brands Wonderland

Coachella is a brands Wonderland

More than 200,000 attendees, an incredible line up of phenomenal artists and the world’s biggest celebrities. Yes, you probably guessed this sounds an awful lot like Coachella. Whether you have attended a desert-inspired

Coachella experience or not, you have most likely witnessed snippets of the action with the great access of social media at the tips of our fingers. 
An element that has dramatically grown within not only Coachella but throughout the festival scene is the unimaginable and magical opportunity brands now have to create a wonderland and experience that is not only unique, but makes everyone want a slice of the pie.


Displaying personality

As a consumer, we are constantly bombarded by an overwhelming amount of social media posts and campaigns. Unfortunately for most brands, their true personality is often lost in the whirlpool of social media. With this being said, Coachella has reinvented brand ‘personality’, enabling brands to showcase eye-catching, magical and out of this world content.

Integrated and seamless marketing

Whether your Pantene, the luscious shampoo company or Mac, one of the biggest make up brands at Coachella your marketing campaign will be complex and will display a high level of seamlessness and marketing integration.


At Marketing Eye, we strongly believe that marketing is most effective when all elements are working in accordance with each other. It is not only your social media content that must be incredibly engaging, but it's also your website functionality and layout that must be accessible for users, and the influencers that you bring on board must display correct and appropriate key messaging and so much more.  


The following is HUGE

In 2018, there were over 2 million Instagram posts featuring hashtags of #coachella or #coachellastyle. With influencers cultivating and creating long-term relationships with the brands that are evidently visible to consumers, having a positive follow on effect.


Coachella continues to be a breeding ground for compelling brand experiences and journeys. There is no doubt that Coachella and festivals will begin to grow, and with this growth so to will the brands that become involved. Coachella really is a brands wonderland.


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  • Juliana
    18 Apr 2019

    Coachella has become such a huge platform for big brands to promote themselves through influencers and celebrities who attend the event. It's a smart and tactical way to bring about awareness to the brands because of how popular and spoken about the festival is on social media - so it definitely is a seamless way to integrate marketing!